Creator of Who Killed Sara? signs exclusive agreement with Netflix


Among all the offer of national productions that the giant of streaming in your catalog, Who Killed Sara? It has been one of the most popular series on the platform and all thanks to one person: the Chilean writer and screenwriter Jose Ignacio Valenzuela. With all the accumulated success behind that drama and suspense series, Netflix did not miss the opportunity to sign a three-year exclusivity agreement with the creator.

“I am beyond excited to join the Netflix family. Working with them for the next three years, I am committed to telling stories that will continue to excite fans in Latin America and around the world, just as they did. Who Killed Sara?“Said the writer, also known as Chascas Valenzuela, to Variety.

“At last I can tell you this news that takes a while to mature: the next three years I will be working exclusively with Netflix, creating content for them and exploring different genres and stories. My happiness (and responsibility) is monumental! ”, The Chilean writer also wrote on his Twitter account.

The first season of Who Killed Sara? became a resounding success, because around55 million householdsaround the world they enjoyed this story wrapped in a narrative of mystery, drama and revenge. And it will be on October 18, 2021 when the production of the third season begins.

“I would like to understand the phenomenon of your success myself and in that way minimize mistakes in my next shows“Reflected Valenzuela.

Who Killed Sara?  Netflix
José Ignacio Valenzuela (via)

The partnership between Netflix and José Ignacio Valenzuela does not stop and is already in production Where there was fire (Where There Was Fire), a story that will honor firefighters, who routinely risk their lives. “Set in a fire station, it will also feature intertwined stories of adventure, romance and suspense,” he reveals. Variety. The project will be starred by Eduardo Capetillo and Itatí Cantoral. According to Chascas Valenzuela, Where there was fire It will be longer than a traditional series, but not as long as a soap opera, however it will seek a balance between both narrative structures.

Jose Ignacio Valenzuela He has worked in film, literature and as an academic in university chairs and workshops. However, his work in the telenovela genre is predominant thanks to projects such as The House next door, Lady and Workman, Holy Devil and The prodigal daughter.

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