Creator of Midnight Mass will make series with works by Edgar Allan Poe


For his next audiovisual project, the director and screenwriter Mike flanagan It will be based on the work of one of the greatest exponents of horror in literature. We are talking about the only and unrepeatable writer Edgar Allan Poe, whose memorable tale The fall of the House of Usher will be the foundation of a forthcoming show by Flanagan, who just in September 2021 presented his acclaimed miniseries Midnight mass via Netflix.

According to latest reports, this next adaptation of The fall of the House of Usher It also has the stamp of the red “N”. In fact, it consists of the fifth collaborative project between Netflix and Flanagan: a partnership that began with the horror series. The curse of Hill House (2018). In February 2019, the producer signed a multi-year agreement with the king of streaming, through its Intrepid Pictures brand. Hence, the platform will provide exclusive premiere to all its subsequent programs, that is, The curse of Bly Manor (2020) and the recent Midnight mass.

According to Indiewire, Netflix announced this week that Mike Flanagan will develop a miniseries titled The Fall of the House of Usher, which takes up the homonymous story of 1839. However, this will not be the only story by the Gothic novelist that will provide support to the audiovisual project. In the company’s words, the show will be based “In multiple works of Edgar Allan Poe”.

What’s more will be composed of eight episodes, of which four will direct Flanagan. The rest will show off in the management chair at Michael Fimognari, who stands out as a star cinematographer of the first, after lending his lens in Hill House, Sleep doctor and Gerald’s game, among other productions.

Netflix has not yet revealed an official synopsis or tentative release date.

The fall of the House of Usher It has been taken to the film field on several occasions. The adaptations date back to the 1920s with a couple of silent films. Forty years later, saw the light House of Usher from director Roger Corman, with the legendary Vincent Price in the leading role. It was the first of eight feature films with which that American filmmaker transferred different stories by Edgar Allan Poe to the big screen.

Before pouring his own vision into Poe’s work, Mike Flanagan has another title pending with Netflix. This is the horror series The midnight club, which is based on a youth novel of the same name. It is currently in post-production and the platform has not yet announced when it will land in its catalog.

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