Coyote vs Acme: the live action of the Looney Tunes with John Cena


John Cena is partying because in a single day he confirmed the renewal of a television series and the leading role in the next one Coyote vs. Acme. Such a film will of course be related to the world of looney tunes and it will not be an animated product. Otherwise this input will be a live action more into the world of Warner animated characters.

dead line He was the one who first brought the information about this project. Coyote vs. Acme It will tell the story of how the former undertakes a legal fight against the Acme brand of artifacts. As we have seen in the episodes of the old cartoons, the animal character constantly has the impetuous roadrunner in his sights. In order to catch it, always resort to the various producers of the acme brand. From bundles of dynamite, tweezers, nets and many more things, all of them always fail, thus leading the beloved Coyote to misfortune.

Tired of this situation, Coyote is determined to take revenge once and for all. But this time his opponent will not be the roadrunner, but the Acame brand, whom he will sue in court with the help of a lawyer, objecting that their products are defective and never meet their advertised purposes. This particular and irreverent argument will be the starting point of a new film live action Produced by the Warner Bros studio.

Dave Green, who has to his credit the second film installment of The ninja turtles, will be the one who occupies the director’s chair. The project is built around a script written by Samy Burch, in what would be his first script for a film. Burch has much more experience in short films and as director of casting in countless projects that include, for example, the saga of The Hunger Games.

In Coyote vs. Acme, John Cena will be the primary opponent of Wile E. Coyote and his attorney. It seems that the actor at the moment enjoys a fairly close and fruitful relationship with Warner Bros. Just today another studio project with the actor was also announced. This is the renewal of the Peacemaker series in the form of a second season.

Said series, produced by DC and Warner, broadcasts its weekly episodes on the HBO Max platform. This week it is expected that the first season of peacemaker come to your conclusion, but not a final one. The Show It will return with new episodes and with Cena at the helm in a certain future that still does not guarantee a certain release date.

For John Cena it was difficult to position himself on the screen, but especially in projects based on comics. In a world where other former wrestlers like Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and The Rock (Black Adam) have easily established themselves in great superhero sagas, for Cena the path was not so easy, as he previously reported.

“I can tell you how many superhero roles I’ve been turned down for. Certainly Shazam it was one,” the actor said, before confirming that he also auditioned to become Cable from Deadpool 2. “But I kept trying,” he concluded.

Dinner finally made it thanks to Suicide Squad and director James Gunn. His character of the “peacemaker” quickly got his spin off television even before the film opens in theaters. The end of the first season of peacemaker It will be broadcast from the early hours of February 17 on HBO Max.

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