Courage, youth! – Premiere, cast and trailer of the film


Under the seal of the Mexican producer Piano, Courage, youth! corresponds to the new movie Coming-of-age from the director Carlos Armella (Ravens Club; Band), whose main characters are four teenagers, who must face a variety of problems: the desire to be adults, the need to fit in with others, the disappointment of the world around them and love-heartbreak. Enjoy the trailer and find out all the details about its premiere in national cinemas!

What is it about?

History is a swing of illusions, hardships, joys and frustrations about the youth of the capital of the XXI century.

«Four teenagers face the tragedy and the absurdity of being young in Mexico City: Martín gets into trouble for declaring his love; Daniel wants to be treated as an adult, but this leads him to run into trouble with the law; Dulce is a bully who longs to be loved by others and Pedro is a boy who one day stops talking like a normal person. They have an irritating obstacle in common: adults.

The film is also accompanied by a soundtrack that you can already listen here.


The cast of Courage, youth! includes the novel faces of Daniela Arce, Iñaki Godoy, Mario Palmerín and Rodrigo Cortés; as the leading quartet. Paola Arroyo, Christopher Aguilasocho, Vicky Araico, Arantza Moreno, Amalia Rangel, Ricardo Reynaud and Naomy Romo, among others, also perform.

Release date

Courage, youth! will be available in national theaters from September 23, 2021.

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“[Esta película] It referred me to my own adolescence, that adolescence where an unrequited love is the end of the world or a father who does not take care of you can be something that marks you for life. Those little tragedies that become bigger tragedies in one’s head ”, says the director. The proposal seeks to avoid the formulas that we usually associate with Mexican youth comedy, betting on a black humor and a more naturalistic dramatic construction, setting and characterization. “I really like dark comedy, that which is like a pang in the stomach, more sarcastic, because I think it also invites you to reflect,” said the director during a talk with Cinema PREMIERE within the framework of the Morelia International Film Festival 2020.

Official poster


Courage, youth!  premiere trailer
Courage, youth!  premiere trailer

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