Costume of the Purge, Selena and the most popular of Halloween 2021


In addition to celebrating the Day of the Dead, Mexico has adopted Halloween as one more celebration and as the perfect opportunity to show love for film and television. For that reason, we have curated this list with the most popular costumes that will surely give you ideas to put together your best outfit at the parties in the coming days. The purge, Selena, The Squid Game, Loki, Cruella and many more are some of the characters that lead this list.

The Squid Game

We could not start this list without the most popular series of the moment: The Squid Game. The Netflix phenomenon – with 11 million viewers – offers several options to disguise ourselves. The first is the giant doll from the game “Red Light, Green Light” whose dress is very simple: yellow blouse and orange dress; in addition to the unique pigtails. The second option is the player costume for which you only need a pants green color and white shirt. The third option is to become a recruiter, those who wear a red uniform with a black mask.

The Squid Game Halloween Costume 2021


With the premiere of live-action Disney’s Cruella de Vil has resurfaced to turn heads at costume parties. One of the great virtues of the film was its production design and, of course, the costumes that you will surely want to imitate. An excellent option to turn heads!

The purge

With the recent release of The purge forever It is a very good opportunity to bring out masks, masks and weapons (fantasy, of course) for a night of chaos in the city.

The Purge Costume Halloween 2021


Since his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki became the favorite character of many people and fans. With the premiere of his solo series on Disney Plus, “The Master of Deception” added points to establish himself as the most charismatic villain in Marvel, for this reason, his popularity has increased and it would not be unusual to see Loki and his variants in the upcoming Halloween parties.

Loki Costume Halloween 2021


In addition to Loki, WandaVison it’s a great choice for MCU fans. The episode All-New Halloween Spooktacular! serves as a source of inspiration, because if you remember Scarlet Witch and Vision use the classic costumes from the comics.

WandaVision Costume Halloween 2021


The legacy of “La Reina del Tex Mex” is more present than ever. For fans and new followers of the singer, it will be infallible to imitate the series of iconic costumes that the singer used in her musical presentations. Especially that purple jumpsuit.

Bride of chucky

If you have a partner, nothing better than dressing up as Tiffany Valentine and Charles Lee Ray, that is, the Bride of Chucky and the “Devil Doll.” Without a doubt, they are characters that will never go out of style.

Michael myers

With the premiere of Halloween Kills, nothing better than going out on October 31 as the legendary Michael Myers. You will be unmistakable with the mechanic jumpsuit, the knife (fancy, of course) and the mask of Captain Kirk.

Harry Potter

Years will pass and Harry Potter will remain one of the most important characters in pop culture. Therefore, it is not surprising that for this Halloween, the most famous wizard of Hogwarts and around the world will serve as inspiration for these parties. The perfect time to dust off your circular glasses and paint the famous scar on your forehead!

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Godzilla and King Kong

As a wedding couple, friends or siblings, this costume is ideal. Go ahead and recreate the epic battle we saw in Godzilla vs Kong! We are sure that they will be the sensation of the party, but be careful with the material damage that they could cause.

The Ghostbusters

“Who are you going to call?” Either alone or with your friends, take advantage of the premiere of Ghostbuster: The Legacy and go ahead and investigate the paranormal in the surroundings of your neighborhood. Put on your overalls and don’t forget to wear your proton backpack and your lightning gun!


Dare to escape from the showcase at the Warren museum and scare everyone at the costume party with the look from the Annabelle doll! Like Bride of Chucky and Michael Myers, Annabelle will never go out of style.


In addition to Cruella, Mulan meant another of the live-action from Disney. This Halloween do not miss the opportunity to become a true warrior and show your skill with the sword.


In this list, it seems that dresses and overalls are what you can wear the most. That’s why we also included in this list the Minions, those adorable little yellow creatures that we met in Gru, my favorite villain. Don’t forget that a banana stalk will give you a plus to your disguise!

Minions Costume Halloween 2021

Mad Addams

A costume for one of the most famous supernatural families in pop culture doesn’t fail either. This Halloween you can try a costume of Homer Addams, Uncle Lucas, Pericles or the most popular: Merlina and Morticia Addams.

The black swan

Perhaps one of the most iconic characters in the career of Natalie Portman has been that of Nina Sayers from Black Swan. 11 years after its premiere, it will be an equally infallible costume to disturb and surprise at Halloween parties.

The Black Swan Costume Halloween 2021

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