Confirmed series on Jon Snow (there are already 6 spin-offs of Game of Thrones)

A few weeks before the broadcasts begin the house of the dragon –the prequel to game of Thrones Coming to HBO and HBO Max in August, a series centered on Jon Snow has been confirmed.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that HBO is already developing the first sequel to the mega-hit game of Thrones. Although at this stage the series cannot yet be considered a certainty, the outlet reports that Kit Harington is ready to return if the show enters production.

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Kit Harington will be in the sequel series about Jon Snow.

In addition to the Jon Snow series, how many Game of Thrones spin-offs are being prepared?

The series about Jon Snow will be the seventh spin-off project of game of Thrones and the first whose events happen after the events of Game of Thrones. HBO is also working on 10,000 ships (also known as Nymeria); 9 Voyages (also known as The Sea Snake), and Dunk and Egg. In addition, three animated projects are also approaching: The Golden Empire (located in the lands of Yi Ti) and two others whose details have not yet been revealed.

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