Confirmed: Charlie Cox will be the MCU’s official Daredevil


Another of the open secrets revealed by the non-campaign of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it was undoubtedly Charlie Cox’s return to the character of Daredevil as part of the MCU. A few weeks ago a leaked photograph of the film showed the actor with Tom Holland and company, which for many was taken as an official confirmation. While there was never any voice to confirm that the image was correct, it is now Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, who confirmed the news.

The producer was cautious. At no time did he reveal that his return is related to the new film of Spider-man Far from it, but he was quite generous in saying that the character we met in the Netflix series will be the same one that belongs to his movie universe.

If you see Daredevil in future things, yes, Charlie Cox, will be the actor who plays him. Where we will see that, how we will see that, or when we see that, remains to be seen.

Charlie Cox was the product of the union that existed between Marvel Studios and Netflix to develop some minor characters -according to- through television. At that time the studio also had an agreement with the ABC network, but its contract with streaming allowed it to approach certain characters in a darker and more mature way than what is allowed to be shown on open television.

From there came the series Daredevil starring Charlie Cox, and by then outside the MCU. The direction and script of the series were undoubtedly the key to making this one of the most addictive and loved by Marvel fans. For this reason, when the series was canceled after its third season, a large question mark was poured over all viewers, who then engendered the illusion that these characters were later rescued by Disney Plus or by the film productions.

The revelation that Kevin Feige now makes, for the sake of the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way HomeIt hardly seems a coincidence. Although the producer claims that Charlie Cox’s introduction to the MCU is not yet fully defined, more than ten years of existence of this cinematic universe have taught us that the famous producer hardly leaves things unplanned and is always one step ahead at least for a decade.

In the leaked image we mentioned above, Charlie Cox appears sitting at the table in the company of Tom Holland, Jon Favreau and Marisa Tomei. The most exhaustive analyzes of the fans affirm that it is a legitimate image, according to the environment of the house that has been compared with the images of the first trailer of the film.

Just months before Tom Holland commented that there was a very “cool” scene that he recorded for the film, in which a secret character is involved that is supposedly very unexpected for the entire audience. The only details he provided is that Marisa Tomei and Jon Favreau are also present in this sequence.

“We are four of us sitting at the table, having a conversation about what it means to be a superhero,” described Holland. And it’s totally unbelievable. The other day my brother and I saw the scene and our jaws literally fell off. “

Of course Charlie Cox’s return to the MCU is not enough for fans. The names of Jessica jones and Punisher they quickly gained relevance through social media. When you I ask to Kevin Feige on the possibility of seeing the entire defending team return in one of the next Marvel movies, or in a potential series for Disney Plus, the producer was kind to say that anything could happen.

“I always say that every time a character returns to the Marvel box, he becomes another tool in the storytelling ability for the MCU,” he explained. “Like I said before, the good news is that it will all reveal itself when people finally look at it.”

The ambiguity of his answer only reminds us that we are dealing with the man who has trained an army of actors to learn to keep secrets. Maybe we will know a little more once Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 15th.

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