Colin Farrell Defends Joel Schumacher’s Batman


The current debate is which Batman movie is better. The main contenders are The Dark Knight (2008) and the new batman (2022). Perhaps in the discussion also appear Batman starts (2005) or some of the films from the last century directed by Tim Burton. But it is almost certain that nobody is putting on the table the 90s versions of filmmaker Joel Schumacher, even though not everyone hates them. For example, Colin Farrell He recently spoke out in favor of the noble intentions of that extravagant director with Batman.

It is not surprising that the theme of Joel Schumacher and the vigilante of Gotham City is in the mouth of the Irish actor. As everyone knows, Colin Farrell comes from playing the Penguin in batman by Matt Reeves. But in addition, he worked with Schumacher in the psychological thriller deadly link (2002), a film that emerged five years after batman and robin and seven years after batman foreverboth equally directed by the New York filmmaker.

In a recent interview with CinemaBlendFarrell grappled with the question of whether Joel Schumacher personally told him “war stories” surrounding Batman. But beyond anecdotes, the actor recalled how the director was affected by the poor reception of his Bat Man tapes, in particular batman and robin (1997), which featured George Clooney in the role of the hooded vigilante.

“I think that hurt him,” he said. «I know his Batman movies and the way they were received really hurt him, because honestly all Joel ever wanted was to entertain people.. There’s actually an apology from him – I think you can find it on YouTube – and watching it was almost upsetting to me because I care so much about him and he was a wonderful man.”

It actually circulates on the internet a short video clip where Joel Schumacher apologizes to those fans disappointed with batman and robin. “I didn’t mean to,” says the director. “My intention was just to entertain them.”

“He apologized to fandom. Joel knew how important he was and he’s still this character, just like Matt [Reeves] he knows. But [Joel] went down a path that did not make people very happyFarrell said.

And then he delved into his experience with the director of batman:

“One of the most wonderful things about working with Matt was his reverence, his integrity and his desire to go back to his roots and to the world that sees Batman as an incredible detective, someone who has a methodology, and who can be at home, in the stillness of a crime scene, or physically fighting criminals on the streets.

Finally, with a melancholy smile, Farrell closed his speech with a dedication to the legendary Joel Schumacher, who died in June 2020 at the age of eighty: “Oh yes, Joel… He’s gone. God bless you”.

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batman, with Robert Pattinson in the title role, has been shown in Mexican theaters since last Wednesday, March 2. Come in here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE.

For his part, Colin Farrell will wear the Penguin’s shoes again in an upcoming series. spinoff from batman, which will premiere on HBO Max. excited?

Colin Farrell’s entry defends Joel Schumacher’s Batman was first published in Cine PREMIERE.


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