Cinderella Could Win Oscar for Fan Favorite, Not Spider-Man


Last week, the Hollywood Academy opened a call for all Twitter users in the world. The invitation consists of Internet users voting for their favorite movie of 2021through the hashtags #OscarsFanFavorite. The objective is to define what was the most popular title last year, in order to give it recognition during the next edition of the great ceremony. And although such an extraordinary category of the Oscar seemed to guarantee a triumph to Spider-Man: No Way Homelatest reports indicate that the musical tape Cinderella takes the lead.

Cinderella (2021)

According to data from dead lineAs of Friday of last week, Twitter was leaning more toward glass slippers than spiders. Most of the tweets with the hashtags #OscarsFanFavorite made mention, not of spider-manbut of Cinderella, the film starring Camila Cabello and distributed by Amazon Studios. So if that trend continues, perhaps it will be a fine-tuned princess claiming the Oscar, rather than the holy trinity of Spider-Man. Who would have imagined it?

The curious thing is that, based on other parameters, Cinderella is not even close to being as loved as no way home. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the audience gives an almost perfect score to spider-man (98%) while Amazon‘s colorful film barely receives a passing grade (60%). What’s more, specialized critics disapprove it with 43%. But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time that a production plagued by bad comments has won an Oscar. Let’s not forget suicide squad (2016) winning for Best Makeup.

The theme of the exhibition does not seem to be an obstacle either. Cinderella. Although this musical juke box It reached a hundred countries —including Mexico— only through the Prime Video digital platform, in the United States it did reach select theaters, after a premiere in Los Angeles. Therefore, the film meets the requirement of the Hollywood Academy to be shown in theaters in Los Angeles for at least one week.

It doesn’t happen that way with Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Countless fans nominated that epic DCEU film for the #OscarsFanFavorite. But given his null theatrical run, he will probably lose eligibility. And as you point out dead lineit is also the director’s cut from a 2017 film. And those types of productions—let’s call them extended or corrected—are not usually Oscar material.

Oscar voting for “2021 Fan Favorite” will close on March 3. According to the regulations, any Twitter user can vote up to twenty times a day, just by tweeting the aforementioned hashtags and the title of the movie of your choice. Applicants must have premiered between March 1 and December 31 of last year.

can you get back Spider-Man: No Way Home? Or will Cinderella actually claim the Oscar for popularity? For now, the 94th Academy Awards will take place on March 27, 2022. here for the full list of nominees.

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