Christopher Nolan would make a movie about the nuclear bomb, without Warner?


Christopher Nolan would be preparing his return to the context of World War II, after the successful film Dunkirk (2017). But unlike this Oscar-nominated title, your next project may not be endorsed by Warner Bros. Pictures. There is nothing unusual in this, if we consider how dissatisfied the British was with the distribution model adopted by that study months ago. But will the fruitful partnership between Nolan and WB actually come to an end?

This week, Deadline reported that Christopher Nolan’s next film would be about the work of J. Robert Oppenheimer in the Manhattan Project. As we well know, this American initiative took place in the 1940s, mostly during the final stretch of World War II. His mission was the development of nuclear weapons, which led to the manufacture of the very first atomic bomb, for which the physicist Oppenheimer receives the greatest credit.

On the other hand, Warner Bros. may not receive any credit for Nolan’s next production. According to the same report, the script for this project is being reviewed by Hollywood’s “major studios”, who also hold talks with the filmmaker and his representatives. It is unknown if Warner is among the companies interested in the film, but even if it was, it is clearly no longer the preferred choice of the British director.

Warner Bros. Pictures was responsible for distributing Nolan’s last nine feature films, from insomnia (2002) to Tenet (2020). In other words, it has been almost twenty years of great loyalty between the filmmaker and the company that never required an exclusive contract. However, since Warner decided to grant a simultaneous release in theaters and in streaming to all his 2021 films, that alliance seems to fade. Christopher Nolan became a strong detractor of the hybrid launch model; Above all because the studio would have been negligent in not notifying the talent and production team of the affected films in a timely manner.

Spy tape Tenet It was the first blockbuster to venture a theatrical release during the COVID-19 health crisis in the summer of 2020. Its gross at the local box office was $ 58 million, which often translates into failure for any film budgeted at more than $ 200. millions, as was that Nolan thriller. Long ago, Ann sarnoff, CEO of Warner, suggested that it was the poor performance of Tenet in theaters which (in part) drove the controversial hybrid model.

On Christopher Nolan’s upcoming feature film, Deadline claims to have heard about the possible involvement of Cillian Murphy. Clearly, the Irish actor is one of the director’s favorite faces, as he appeared in several of his films, including the series of The knight of the night (2005-2012) e Inception (2010). At the moment, there is no other name to put at the service of Nolan on the occasion of the alleged biopic by Oppenheimer.

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