Christopher Nolan thinks about Dune and Denis Villeneuve


Probably one of the most anticipated projects by “moviegoers everywhere” this year was undoubtedly the science fiction epic by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. The director’s passage through the genre began to take shape with The arrival of 2016 and was consolidated a year later with Blade Runner 2049. But those were only the ticket input so that the director could adapt his dream book to the big screen. And although many fans of Dune They exist and are now added with this new adaptation, among them none of more weight and relevance than Christopher Nolan himself.

Although between the fanatic moviegoers of both directors, there will always be confrontations and rivalries when defining whether The arrival or Interstellar one is better than the other, its creators have built a cordial and admiring relationship where there is room to applaud each other’s works.

Christopher Nolan recently attended together with Denis Villeneuve an episode of the podcast The Director’s Cut, where he was not shy when expressing what he thought about Dune. Of course, his words focused mainly on compliments and a constructive analysis of how successful the visual effects seemed to him, describing them as “one of the most fluid combinations of live action and CGI that I’ve seen. ‘ “It is very very convincing at all times,” he added.

“His entire team did an absolutely incredible job,” Nolan continued. «I think this movie will present Dune to a new generation of fans who have never read the book, or fans of it will be encouraged to read it again. I think it’s an amazing job. I have had the luxury of seeing it a couple of times and each time I did, I discovered new things, new details of the whole world. It’s made for the big screen. It’s a real treat and a treat for movie fans everywhere. ‘

It is well known that Nolan is a fan of practical effects and minimal use of CGI. His intention is to immerse the audience in mostly real and convincing images that more easily transport them to the world of his films. However, he has also expressed that computer generated visual effects are useful as long as they are well designed to fool the audience.

Behind the effects of Dune There are Oscar winners Paul Lambert and Gerd Nefzer, producer and supervisor respectively of the film’s visual effects. Watching Timothée Chalamet’s adventures around the planet Arrakis, it’s easy to assume that the mighty ships and massive earthworms of the desert aren’t actually props designed behind the scenes. However, there are several elements of the film that were created with practical old-school tricks, such as the massive desert storms and the great sand waves created by worms in desert landscapes, but which are actually the products of machines. vibrations created for the occasion.

Bill Desowitz from IndieWire already affirms that the work carried out in Dune, a cross between Lawrence of Arabia and Star wars, must now be the rival to beat in the race for the Oscar for Visual Effects. “Filmed in Budapest, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Norway, the play is both epic and intimate.”

Denis Villeneuve’s films, as well as Nolan’s, are already well known in the category. It was precisely Blade Runner 2049 the last film from the director to be crowned in the Visual Effects category and it seems that the Canadian director is ready to repeat history.

Currently Dune it is already exhibited in Mexican movie theaters, in various formats. You can read the criticism made by Cine PREMIERE of the aforementioned movie, by clicking here.

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