Christopher Nolan Moves To Universal After 20 Years With Warner Bros


In a historic move, which perhaps does not really affect anyone’s story, Christopher Nolan has taken his clothes to move permanently to the headquarters of Universal Pictures. Their divorce appears to be official now that the abandonment of home has become a reality, while the director already configures his new film, a chapter in the history of World War II that will focus on the scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who create the famous atomic bomb that ended the holocaust.

Although the previous news was already known, even with the rumors of a Cillian Murphy taking the leading role, the news is that the director has found a new studio to make his film. According Deadline in the end the contest was between Sony Pictures, MGM and Universal, the latter who was the winner in all this competition. There are no further details on the agreement, but it is likely that it was the British who imposed the conditions of the contract before it was signed.

If we recap, this all started when Warner Bros announced that its entire 2021 film calendar would be released simultaneously in theaters and on its streaming platform HBO Max. A decision that harmed great and renowned filmmakers from whose ideology the so famous term “cinematographic experience” is derived. In addition to Nolan, it was other directors such as Denis Villeneuve who protested the decision. In the words of good Chris, many of these creatives one day woke up unannounced to discover that their work had become home entertainment.

In the process, Chris Nolan called HBO Max the worst platform streaming of the market, which immediately placed him and the studio in an imaginary ring that was built and maintained by the media. Although there was never confirmation of said enmity, the director assured that he would seek to make his films elsewhere and that promise was fulfilled today with his new marriage to Universal.

Nolan has made all of his films at Warner since his insomnia of the year 2022, and including in the process great film classics such as The dark knight (2008), Inception (2010) and Dunkirk (2017), one of the most Oscar-nominated films of its year. In case of Interstellar (2014) is particular, since that science fiction classic was actually produced by Paramount, but distributed internationally by Warner. The latter at the insistence of the director to involve his head studio in one way or another in his film.

Now that Christopher Nolan has married Universal, we can only imagine the details of their agreement. Of course, it is clear that the filmmaker chose a studio that does not yet have a platform streaming own. In that sense, Disney was automatically discarded, although many were betting that Mickey Mouse would be the only one capable of contributing the monetary amounts that the director is used to receiving.

MGM was also another case that was easily sidelined, especially now that the house of the roaring lion practically belongs to Amazon Studios. Under that logic, many could argue that Universal has an agreement with Peacock to release his films simultaneously with their screening in theaters, however, the studio does not place any of his works there. For example, one of the mega blockbusters of the pandemic, Fast and Furious 9, which to date has not been seen by any platform.

Christopher Nolan was likely certain that Universal will not release his film anywhere other than the cinema. And it is also highly likely that the studio did not raise a major objection and that in fact it did not get too involved in the development of the film, allowing the Briton the creative freedom that and the respect that he has earned over the years. In that sense, nothing will change except the logo at the start.

His new film still does not have an official title and the casting of Murphy as the lead, or “in a key role”, as it was handled in the media, is still not something we can be sure of. What is supposedly real is that Nolan and Universal will be ready to go during the first half of 2022. We have Nolan movies on the way.

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