Christina Ricci will be in series of Merlina Addams, directed by Tim Burton


In the upcoming Netflix series, we may see a new version of the creepy girl with the pigtails. However, we will not miss the actress who decades ago made that character iconic. According to latest reports, Christina Ricci will be part of the cast wednesdaythe solo show about Merlina Addams directed by Tim Burton.

Christina Ricci as Merlina in crazy addams (1991)

According to dead lineChristina Ricci is credited within the main cast of this series live action, close to finishing filming. Although her role in the project remains in the shadows, the outlet assures that the 42-year-old actor plays a completely new character, not an adult version of Merlina (Wednesday, in English).

Let us remember that Ricci personified that sinister young woman in the film crazy addams from 1991 and its sequel from 1993, both directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Now as your relay for wednesdayfigure the Californian Jenna Ortega, who will give life to Merlina in a student phase of the character. We will see her attend Nevermore Academy, where she will attempt to “master her emerging psychic ability” from her. But she must also “thwart a monstrous murder spree that has terrified the local town,” according to a synopsis released in 2021 (via).

At the head of the cast, the names of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman, respectively as Morticia and Homer Addams, the parents of the protagonist. They are accompanied by Issac Ordonez as Pericles, George Burcea as Largo and Victor Dorobantu as Uncle Cosa. On the other hand, it is unknown if Grandma Addams and the flamboyant Uncle Lucas will also make an appearance. At the moment, no signed talent is reported for such characters.

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dead line He further comments that Christina Ricci was cast in the new Netflix series after actress Thora Birch left during production. Since Birch played Merlina’s supervisor at Nevermore Academy, Ricci’s character is expected to take on a similar role as a replacement.

Tim Burton directs all eight episodes of wednesdayfrom scripts signed by the duo Alfred Cough and Miles Millar (Smallville). Burton previously directed Ricci in the film The legend of the Headless Horseman from 1999.

The series does not yet have an official release date.

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