Christian Bale to play the preacher in The Church Of Living Dangerously

Christian Bale will star and produce “The Church of the Living Dangerously,” which New Regency will adapt from Vanity Fair’s story, purchased in partnership with Brimstone and Kushner. The screenwriter, Charles Randolph, who co-wrote The Big Short and the Fox News Roger Ailes sexual harassment story Bombshell with Adam McKay, will now be tasked with writing the screenplay.

The picture is being made by The Gotham Group in association with Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and The Gotham Group and is to star Bale and be produced by The Gotham Group and New Regency. Randolph and Kushner, together with Margaret Riley, will serve as executive producers. Bale has recently finished filming a David O Russell-directed New Regency picture with no title. There are many opportunities for him to shine in the church.

A difficult upbringing in Boston, Massachusetts shaped John Lee Bishop, who served as pastor of The Living Hope Church, a place that had grown to 8500 square feet and required a former K-Mart location to house it. Bishop, a natural showman, became rich as a performer after using animals such exotic animals to preach about Noah’s Ark, such as once almost being attacked by a Bengal tiger he placed on the stage.

Bishop, the pastor of his local church, took his job seriously and did everything he could to follow his teachings. He handled many troubled parishioners and worked with them and fellow clergy members to aid others in the world. However, his piety proved difficult when the bishop became overzealous in helping others, and in doing so, wound up putting himself in a great deal of trouble. The pastor discovered a puzzling intervention when the minister’s son, David, who became addicted to methamphetamine and heroin, struggled to cope. Bishop suffered early because his relatives, who had a great time beating him up in his fights with other children, arranged the bouts. Bishop was concerned that he had failed his son in life. Therefore he was committed to trying to help his son comprehend the effects of drugs on him to keep him safe. And that’s how Bishop got to where he is now. He smuggled narcotics for a Mexican gang. Bishop was given a five-year prison term for his 20-times infraction at the Mexican border.

Furthermore, the purchase includes the rights to Bishop and his son, David, who played a large role in getting Bishop to back out of his nose dive. WME has a stake in Bale; the CAA and Lighthouse Management & Media have a stake in Randolph.


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