Chris Rock finally talks about the slap Will Smith gave him

Despite all the efforts of the Academy, the last Oscars ceremony is not remembered for the contending films or for any memorable speeches. The most remembered moment (and also the most controversial) was the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock after the latter made fun of Jada Pinkett, Smith’s wife. Although there were statements from the Academy, Jada and Will himself, Chris Rock had not spoken publicly about what happened a few months ago… until now.

During a show stand-up, Rock made multiple references to the embarrassing moment. He began by referring to Will as “Suge Smith” and continued with the following:

“Anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face. I’m not a victim, motherfucker. Yeah, that shit hurt. But I got rid of it and went to work the next day. I’m not going to the hospital for a paper cut.”

Despite everything that has happened, those involved have continued with their lives relatively calmly. Jada Pinkett Smith assured at the time that the entire family was going through a total healing process; Will Smith not only ruined the greatest acting achievement of his life, he also lost some projects due to the scandal.

For his part, Chris Rock continues with his comedic career and is, perhaps, the most benefited, since his shows after the scandal registered full houses. A few months ago he also joked with his characteristic humor about what happened (via):

“I’m fine, in case anyone was wondering. I got most of my hearing back. Don’t expect me to talk about this shit. I’ll talk about it sometime… on Netflix.”

What’s next in the careers of Will Smith and Chris Rock?

Even with several dropped projects, Smith has pending the premiere of emancipationthriller directed by Antoine Fuqua (the vigilante). The movie was going to be released later this year, but was delayed for obvious reasons. It is also contemplated in the sequel to I’m legend, which was announced a few months ago. This commented a source close to the newspaper The Sun:

“Let it be known, Will is still involved in the project. The concept and story have yet to receive the go-ahead from Warner Bros, but they have not directly commented on a hypothetical departure for the actor.

For his part, Rock is part of the cast of amsterdam, new from David O. Russell. The film will hit theaters in November and many expect it to be a big part of the upcoming awards season.

Do you think that at some point both manage to reconcile? For now, we can only hope that the next Oscar ceremony will be remembered for a true waste of talent, not for controversies like Will Smith’s slap in the face.

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