Chloé Zhao wants to direct a Star Wars movie


After a career focused on the independent plane, the Oscar winner Chloé zhao (Nomadland) is very close to debuting within the circuit of the greats blockbusters thanks to Eternalsby Marvel Studios. This may not be your only involvement with Disney characters, however, as you may be able to explore the confines of a galaxy far, far away with a new Star Wars movie. The Chinese filmmaker hinted this during a talk she had with Empire Magazine.

Journalist Al Horner, from Empire Magazine, uploaded to his Twitter account a first glimpse of the exclusive content that the medium will have on Eternals. In those screenshots, the journalist mentioned that the director fully emphasized her love for the universe created by George Lucas. These statements were very well used by the latter, who asked Zhao if he would like to direct a movie about Star Wars.

Also, Chloé Zhao mentioned Star wars five or six times as something very close to the heart. So after a while, I asked him this … and I got a rather intriguing answer. ”

It seems that the questioning compromised the director a bit, because her response made us think that she is working on a “top-secret” Star Wars project, but, of which, she still cannot speak. So he only limited himself to reaffirming his taste for the saga.

«I have to be very careful what I say here [risas]”, said. “Let’s say it is a world that I have a lot of respect for because it has been a very important part of my life.”

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What is the project that Chloé Zhao would be working on?

Twitter account Film Updates posted a photograph that, apparently, the cinematographer uploaded Greig fraser (Dune) where he anticipates that he is working with the filmmaker on a project that could be part of the Star Wars universe. Recall that Fraser worked on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and in The Mandalorian (2019).

«The cinematographer of Dune, Greig Fraser, anticipates a secret project with Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao ”.

Source: Film Updates (via Greig Fraser Instagram)

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Among the women filmmakers involved in the Star Wars universe stands out Patty jenkins (Wonder Woman 1984), who will direct Rogue squadron, to premiere on Christmas 2023.

While we wait for news and confirmations, Eternals will reach commercial circuits from November 5, 2021.

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