Chloé Zhao already works on Dracula? Director shares vampiric image


The issue of immortality clearly seduces that Oscar-winning director. After pouring your vision into Eternals —The MCU tape about a group of ancient beings, destined to protect the Earth— Chloé zhao will make use of one of the most iconic literary characters who do not know the limits of time: neither more nor less than Dracula.

Earlier this year, we learned that the acclaimed filmmaker would direct a new film version of the mythical vampire, in collusion with Universal Pictures. And while months have passed without any major updates, Zhao last week shared a still of film in social networks; an image with which, perhaps, she hints that she is already working on the script for the upcoming feature film.

Via Instagram

As you will see, it is a vertical capture of Nosferatu, the film of German expressionism that introduced a vampire with a name and appearance very different from the one traditionally assigned to the romantic bloodsucker. Next to the image, Chloé Zhao did not write any words but did capture a wine glass emoji, which – considering the nature of the character – perhaps rather refers to another type of red substance.

In addition, it becomes inevitable that such a publication is interpreted as an allusion to the future film that the Chinese filmmaker will direct. There are even comments that propose Adam Driver as the interpreter of the main character. However, little is known of how Zhao will envision the fanged. For now, in February 2021, reports arrived that the tape in question will be a “Original and futuristic science fiction western” (via). Consequently, let’s not expect anything similar to Nosferatu, nor a reliable adaptation of the famous novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.

“Chloé’s unique gaze brings a light and shine to stories about misunderstood and ignored characters,” said Peter Cramer, president of Universal Pictures at the time. “We are excited to work with her as she reinvents one of the most iconic and alien characters ever created.”

To which Zhao added:

«I have always been fascinated by vampires and the concept of the Other that they embody. I am very excited to be working with Donna Langley [presidenta de Universal Filmed Entertainment Group], Peter Cramer and the Universal team to reinvent such a beloved character »

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In April 2021, Zhao spoke about his vampire project with Variety, a medium that expressed surprise at the description “science fiction western.” However, the director said she was delighted with such an extravagant proposal for the sake of delving into the mythology of Dracula. She also stated that the key will first be to find the “essence” of Bram Stoker’s novel, similar to what she did to adapt the book Nomadland in the eponymous 2020 movie.

«It’s like looking at Jessica Bruder’s book [Nomadland] and really see behind the pages: discover the meaning behind each page and its essence«Shared the filmmaker. «I am a great admirer of the book [Drácula] and I wanted to see what essence I can find. Then I can reinvent this really beloved character that I love so much.

From Chloé Zhao, currently still in theaters Eternals of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Come on here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE.

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