Chespirito returns to television with Eugenio Derbez


In recent days, Eugenio Derbez caused a lot of confusion on social networks by posting a photo of a person dressed as El Chavo del Ocho, a character created by Chespirito, on his social networks. As said person had a blurred face, even more expectation was generated about his identity. Many assured that the material came from the recordings of the biographical series of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito.

Shortly after, the comedian uploaded a video where actor Juan Frese can be seen in front of a blue screen. He was characterized as the iconic character and received instructions from the staff.

Now we know the truth: it is not about any series, for the moment, but about an advertising campaign for DishLATINO, called “Latino como tú”.

How did Eugenio Derbez do to “recreate” Chespirito?

If something caught the attention of the material shared by Derbez, it was that it really seemed as if Chespirito had come back to life. And how could it be otherwise, the result is due to technology.

Deepfake is a technique that works through artificial intelligence, it allows altering a person’s face and modifying facial features, that is how DishLATINO replaced Juan Frese’s face with that of the boy who lived in the most famous barrel in Mexico.

If you want to know a little more about how this process was achieved, you can click here.

On why he took Chespirito as the image of the campaign, Derbez commented:

The Chavo of 8 It broke schemes, it opened paths for Hispanics, it is something that fills us and Dish Latino with pride.”

What does Chespirito’s family think?

Grupo Chespirito worked together with DishLATINO to achieve the results that we will be able to see soon on television. Given this, Roberto Gómez Fernández, son of Chespirito, television producer and executive director of Grupo Chespirito stated the following:

“I am amazed how through technology two icons of our culture can meet again. My father felt great admiration for Eugenio’s courage to do new things, it was even expressed in a letter that he wrote to him”.

Said letter from Chespirito was sent to Eugenio Derbez after the failure of I do not have mothera telenovela where the director of No refunds tried to break through on television. Unfortunately, it was taken off the air due to low ratings. This declared Derbez:

“In the midst of depression I receive a letter written by Mr. Roberto Gómez Bolaños in which he told me: “Don’t get depressed, keep going, these things happen.” That speaks to the fact that Chespirito was a great person who was very loved by all”.

The “Latino como tú” campaign will be launched within the framework of the qualifying match between Mexico and the United States for the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup.

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