Characters from the Star Wars sequel trilogy will return


To this day, as we take a look back at the past, few recall building strong ties with the characters in the latest movies of the year. Star wars. The adventures of Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, and other characters from the sequel trilogy never managed to land on their feet for any point in the three films. Or at least that’s how it was for the fans, who remember this piece of the saga with a slight hint of bitterness.

However, that matters little when it comes to the continuity of the franchise and a potential new movie trilogy. Kathleen Kennedy, the CEO of LucasFilms, now assures (via) that the characters created by JJ Abrams, continued by Rian Johnson and brought to “close” again by Abrams, will most likely return in future installments of the series.

“Certainly those are not characters that we are going to forget,” he said. “They will live, and those are conversations that will also happen with creative teams.”

In the last trilogy the main characters were in charge of the British actress Daisy Ridley and the now Hollywood star Adam Driver. Beside him, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran also had a certain degree of importance in creating new faces and stories for the franchise. While the character of Driver perished during the end of the trilogy, that does not mean that the creatives of Star wars have an ace up your sleeve for us to see you return.

It was in 2015 when the saga returned in style with the premiere of The awakening of the force, by JJ Abrams. Although the film was solid and laid the foundation for fans to meet a new generation of heroes, at the same time the film was accused of looking too much like the original film and following the same narrative patterns, rather than reinventing them.

It was possibly for this reason that The last Jedi de Rian Johnson moved away from the threshold experienced to date, to give a twist to the saga and its characters. While it was perhaps the freshest and most novel demonstration of the saga in years, even backed by critics, fans did not respond to the call and took it upon themselves to crucify the film.

Damage control was carried out by a JJ Abrams, who discarded everything proposed by Johnson and corrected it in such a way that the followers of the saga would forgive the failure. However, the damage was done and the creative decisions that were made to steer the saga into The rise of Skywalker They were so laughable that neither the fans nor the mainstream public were completely convinced.

Therefore, it is difficult to know that Kennedy plans to bring these characters back. Perhaps a risky decision, or probably a logical move considering that in the end there were several years that the public spent at the side of Rey and company.

Fortunately Star wars acquired a second wind thanks to his television contributions on Disney Plus. It was especially thanks to The Mandalorian, the series commanded by Jon Favreau that has become a phenomenon among fans and outsiders. The story will continue in a third season and this year Boba Fett’s book will also try. It will premiere on December 30.

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