Change of plans: Batgirl could hit theaters instead of HBO Max


A new rumor suggests that batgirl could hit theaters, prior to a premiere on HBO Max. Warner’s initial plans were to set up this film as an exclusive release of the streaming, which could potentially be a boost for the increase in subscribers and the positioning of the platform. However, some websites of news mention that within the headquarters of the study, different options are now being analyzed.

Apparently for Warner the panorama has changed when deciding the distribution, thanks to the recent performance of batman. The film directed by Matt Reeves and commanded by Robert Pattinson, has shown quite positive numbers for the studio. At the box office, the film grossed just over $750 million dollars, which is an indication of the massive attendance of the public in theaters. However, upon arrival at HBO Max, the film also had a great reception.

batgirl theaters

The foregoing has made Toby Emmerich, the president of the study, think if perhaps it would not be convenient to carry batgirl to theaters to exploit its potential at the box office and then exploit it a little more on the platform. The windows between the theatrical release and the film’s arrival in homes are becoming smaller. Many conclude that what the film could not collect at the box office during a month of running in theaters, can be complemented with the viewings that the public makes from home.

batgirl filming ended last month. Her protagonist Leslie Grace, who will play Barbara Gordon, spread the news through her social networks. Although the film still does not have a release date, it is now said that it could be scheduled for the end of this year. However, these new Warner plans to distribute it on the big screen would also include big changes in the budget.

With the film entering full post-production, the studio is considering an increase in its budget. These new expenses would be aimed especially at improving the level of visual effects and specifying a first-rate musicalization (Michael Giacchino?), despite already having a composer on file. That decision will depend directly on whether Warner chooses to bring the film to theaters.

batgirl theaters

It is no secret to anyone that the studio is currently going through a period of difficulties. Practically all his sagas have gone through various ups and downs and some of them have not obtained the expected results. The saga of the magical world first suffered a setback due to the bad reviews obtained by the second fantastic animalsthe departure of Johnny Depp and now with the controversies surrounding Ezra Miller, who is also part of the cast.

It was previously said that the future of the saga written by JK Rowling (another person non grata today), would depend on the box office success of its most recent installment. Dumbledore’s secretshowever, paints to be the first great failure in the world Harry Potter,with a pitiful box office and other negative reviews.

Ezra Miller is also the protagonist of Flash. Said film has apparently been put in limbo, after the actor was arrested twice for violent behavior in Hawaii. Regardless of the success of Justice League by Zack Snyder, the reality is that the DC cinematic universe seems without a clear direction. The next delivery of Aquaman has Amber Heard in its cast. The actress is also facing controversy now that her legal battle against Johnny Depp is on everyone’s lips.

It seems that the only thing that works for Warner at the moment is the universe of the bat of Gotham City. Of course batgirl in theaters now it looks like a major save for the studio. Especially since Leslie Grace has already commented that the approach is similar to that of a detective story where the protagonist follows a particular case that will lead her to commit “too many crazy things”. An approach similar to the successful batman.

batgirl was written by Christina Hodson and is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. In addition to Grace, the film will have JK Simmons as her father, detective Jim Gordon; the return of Brendan Fraser, Michael Keaton and Ivory Aquino.sounds good.

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