Cary Fukunaga wanted It to be “a drama with elements of horror.”


Four years ago, the clown Pennywise was the ghoulish soul of what would become the highest-grossing horror film of all time. In the director’s chair was the Argentine Andy Muschietti, who worked from a script conceived by three people. One of them was Cary fukunaga, the Emmy winner who was originally going to direct the film adaptation Item. In the end, he resigned due to creative differences, but to date he is very clear about how he intended to move the famous Stephen King novel to the big screen.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cary Fukunaga recently spoke about his vision for the film Item and how it diverged from the production house’s plans. Remember that the Californian was developing a specific project with Warner Bros. Pictures for several years. However, Warner decided to hand over the reins to the division New Line Cinema and it was then that the director collided with the executives of the brand, shortly before filming.

“I was at it for four or five years with Warner and then they moved it to New Line, just before we were about to go into production,” Fukunaga said. “I think New Line’s vision of what they wanted and my vision of what I wanted were very different. I wanted to do a drama with horror elements, more like The shining. I think they wanted to do something more like Annabelle. That was essentially the disconnect.

It is undeniable that Item Andy Muschietti has a spirit of drama coming-of-age highly palpable. On the other hand, we can deduce that Cary Fukunaga aspired to an atmosphere with a greater affinity for Stanley Kubrick’s cinema. Unfortunately, it seems that New Line preferred to adhere to the principles they made of The spell a successful franchise. Fukunaga mentions the tape Annabelle and curiously the scriptwriter of this tape spin-off, Gary Dauberman, was one of those who co-wrote the final script for Item (2017).

In May 2015, Fukunaga was reported to have resigned from the directorial chair for “not wanting to compromise his artistic vision in the wake of budget cuts” from New Line (via). However, the filmmaker specified months later that money was never the problem, but creative differences.

“I was trying to make an unconventional horror movie,” he told Variety. ‘It didn’t fit the algorithm of what [en New Line] they knew they could spend and get money based on not offending their standard gender audience. Our budget was perfectly fine. We were always hovering around the $ 32 million mark. It was the creativity that we were really struggling with.

Item by Andy Muschietti obtained at the global box office $ 701 million dollars. And to spice up these juicy collections, Rotten Tomatoes give it a 86% freshness.

Cary Fukunaga conducts No Time No Die, the next installment of the James Bond franchise with which Daniel Craig will say goodbye to the character. Its premiere in Mexican theaters will be next September 30.

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