Canceled Game of Thrones prequel cost $ 30 million


Next year we will have House of the Dragon, the prequel series of game of Thrones that will expand the television universe of that story of dragons, deadly winters and political intrigue. On the other hand, it should be remembered that the upcoming show was built on the ruins of another project: one that was originally going to consist of the first spin-off from the award-winning HBO show. However, that original idea finally did not proceed, after a pilot episode was filmed that, in addition to not convincing the network, was extremely expensive.

The unfortunate project, tentatively titled Bloodmoon, was to be set eight thousand years before the events of Game of Thrones, in the so-called Era of Heroes. The Long Night and the origin of the White Walkers were some passages that HBO promised to include in this prequel series that boasted Jane goldman (Kingsman) What showrunner. And for more excitement, at the head of the cast was the Oscar nominee Naomi watts.

A pilot episode was shot in mid-2019, under the direction of SJ Clarkson (Succession). And in the fall of the same year, reports came in that Bloodmoon it had been canceled. Goldman herself was said to have emailed the cast and crew to inform them that the series “was dead.”

More details about the cancellation emerged in the book. Tinderbox, just released last month. There author James Andrew Miller breaks down “the exclusive, explosive and uninhibited true story of HBO” (via) where of course game of Thrones It is a must. One of the included citations is awarded to Bob greenblatt, who was president of WarnerMedia Entertainment – HBO’s parent company – between March 2019 and August 2020. In fact, it was he who first said “no” to the pilot of Bloodmoon.

«They had spent over $ 30 million on a prequel pilot for game of Thrones which was in production when i got there [a la presidencia de WarnerMedia]», Declares Greenblatt in Tinderbox (via Indiewire). And when I saw a cut a few months after my arrival, I told him [al jefe de HBO, Casey Bloys]: ‘This just doesn’t work and I don’t think it lives up to the promise of the original series.’ He didn’t disagree, which was actually a relief. “

And I add:

So sadly we decided to unplug it. There was enormous pressure to get it right and I don’t think that would have worked. “

As you will see, that figure triples what it cost the very first attempt to lift Game of Thrones in 2009. Well known is the story of the original pilot of the series, which received very negative reviews – despite having invested $ 10 million dollars – so it was re-filmed practically in its entirety, with a new cast and new decisions. of direction.

House of the Dragon, the HBO-approved prequel, will premiere sometime in 2022. Come on here to see a teaser official and know some details of the cast.

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