Cameron Diaz is back! He will make an action movie with Jamie Foxx

In 2022, not only are actors talking about retiring soon (cough, cough, Brad Pitt). This week, the opposite happens: a veteran Hollywood star is on his way to resume her acting career, after almost ten years of inactivity. We talk no more and no less than Cameron Diazbest known for her action-comedy work in the 1990s and 2000s, and whose next film will precisely fuse the two genres again.

The tape in question is titled Back-in-Action and has the shelter of Netflix. Diaz will star alongside the Oscar winner Jamie Foxxwho revealed the participation of the Californian in a tweet published this Wednesday at noon.

“Cameron, I hope you’re not mad that I recorded this. But there’s no turning back now,” Foxx wrote at the top of the post. «Cameron Diaz and I will ‘return to action’. [Back to Action es] our new movie with Netflix. Production starts at the end of this year.

The tweet is accompanied by a recording of a (supposed) phone call between the actress and the actor. In it, Diaz expresses feeling anxious and excited to act again. “I have someone on the other line who can help you with this,” Foxx tells him, before giving Tom Brady access; yes, the victorious quarterback who, in her words, is “relatively successful in coming out of retirement,” for which he can share some advice with the interpreter.

It is easy to assume that this conversation was nothing more than a clever way to start advertising Back-in-Action, being that from now on it can be sold as the great return of Cameron Diaz to the screen. What’s more, that Brady was part of the talk seems like an ingenious and timely decision, since just in February 2022, the footballer announced that he would stop playing professionally, only to retract a month later.

Of course, Diaz’s temporary retirement spanned not four weeks, but eight years. The musical annie from 2014 —where, curiously, he also shared credits with Jamie Foxx— is the last feature film of his filmography so far. From there, the actress Charlie’s Angels he simply stopped responding to job offers. The reason? A need to focus on the intimate aspects of her life.

“I had worked so hard for so long, working, making movies. It’s a routine. And I didn’t really make any room for my personal life,” she declared in 2020 (via). “So I decided to stop making movies and really focus on my personal life, my personal relationships, my family and my friends.”

With the batteries replenished, now Cameron Diaz is back, through a future film of the king of streaming. According to dead line, Back-in-Action will be an action comedy directed by Seth Gordon (I want to kill my boss), who also co-wrote the script with Brendan O’Brien (good neighbours). Details of the plot remain in the shadows, as well as a tentative release date. But going by Jamie Foxx’s post, filming will begin in the final stretch of 2022. Excited?

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