Buzz battles Zurg in new Lightyear trailer


The new Disney and Pixar movie is scheduled to hit theaters in our country next June.

What started as the belief of a toy ended up becoming a movie, a true story. Not even Buzz from 1996 could believe what his anecdotes would end up becoming, but the truth is that this kind of prequel called Lightyear It catches us more trailer by trailer.

And the one that Disney and Pixar have just released has several striking elements. The first is that, unlike the one released a few months ago, it allows us to learn much more about the hostile universe that the protagonist inhabits; the second is that several characters are introduced, including a funny robot cat; and the third, the favorite of many, the mythical battle between Buzz and Zurg comes true.

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When the Toy Story franchise seemed to have come to an end after the fourth installment and Woody’s farewell, Disney pulled an ace up its sleeve and decided to continue exploiting it with a spin-off starring buzz lightyear, referring to the experiences that the toy believed to be real before the rest explained that it was just an invented story to sell it. We will see how it connects with the real world or if it just stays in this interesting fictional story.

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