Brad Pitt believes that the end of his career is near

2022 looks set to be a very prolific year for Brad Pitt’s career. His cameo in The lost City was one of the best received points in that comedy, while Bullet train may be one of the biggest hits of the summer and Babylon could be competed in a big contender next awards season. With that in mind, one would think that the actor would be planning more and more projects. But surprisingly, it seems that the actor already sees the end of his career near.

In an interview for GQ Magazine for the promotion of Bullet trainBrad Pitt clearly expressed the way he currently sees his career:

“I consider myself in my last stretch. It’s like the last semester or quarter, what is this phase going to be like? And how do I want to design that?

During the interview, Pitt also delved into the recent events in which he has been involved. These include the legal battle he has with Angelina Jolie, her problems with depression, alcohol and what he learned during these years of the pandemic.

“I think joy has been something I discovered later in life. I always let myself go with the flow, I went through the world a little aimlessly, I went from one thing to another. I think for a few years I suffered from mild depression. Until I have overcome it, until I have fully accepted myself, with the beautiful and the ugly, I have not been able to feel those moments of joy.

Even though Pitt’s acting career may be drawing to a close, the actor is not ruling out continuing to produce movies. your production company Plan B Entertainment, where Jennifer Aniston is also a founder, has developed quite successful films critically or at the box office. Some examples are 12 Years a Slave, Moonlight, Ad Astra: Towards the Stars Y Minari.

His next movie Bullet trainwill hit theaters in August

As if that were not enough, his followers would not be the only ones to resent his absence from the big screen. Quentin Tarantino, who directed it in once upon a time in hollywoodspoke about what it would mean for the industry to lose a star like Brad Pitt (via):

“The industry will lose one of the last great movie stars. He is a special kind of man. And frankly, I don’t think you can describe exactly what he’s like, because it’s like describing the brightness of a star.”

In addition to his participation in Babylon, which could give him another Oscar nomination, Brad Pitt has pending the release of several tapes where he serves as producer. Among them are Blondewhere Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe, and Women Talkingdrama starring Rooney Mara and Frances McDormand, which tells the story of a group of women who come together against their rapists.

Do you think the end of Brad Pitt’s career is really near or could the success of his next films change his mind?

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