Box Office: Spider-Man: $1 billion in international markets… without China


Spider-Man: No Way Home The Marvel and Sony production became the first film in the 23-month pandemic to exceed $1 billion in Spider-Man box office from markets in overseas territories (ie excluding the US and Canada).

Two Chinese movies came close to this 10-digit mark in 2021: The Battle at Lake Changjin ($902.5 million) in the fall, and Hola Mama ($831.0) on Chinese New Year one year ago. As a curious fact: this Monday the premieres of the Chinese New Year 2022 arrive in cinemas in the Asian giant, being the most important of them… The Battle at Lake Changjin 2: Water Gate Bridge. So far, the film has the best preview numbers ever, and looks set to break box office records in China.

Returning to Spidey, in overseas territories it adds $1,003 million ($1,738.8 global), which became the 10th film to reach that mark, and the first without debuting in China. This week it was shown in 14,400 theaters in 63 markets, where it added $21.1 million. Its top territories are the UK ($120.1 million, the biggest superhero hit ever), Mexico ($74.4), South Korea ($61.5), France ($61.2), Australia ($55.2), Brazil ($53.8), Russia ($46), Germany ($45.1) India ($36.2) and Japan ($29.7).

In the US, where many theaters remain closed in the Northwest due to snowstorm Kenan, spider-man reached its 6th week in 1st place, with $11.0 million. Is it close to a record? No, because that belongs to ET The alien, at 16 weeks. Perhaps it could reach the record of this century, of Avatar (7 weeks) and already holds the record for the MCU, which used to hold Black Panther (5 weeks at the top). With this, its accumulated amount advanced to $735.9 million, which places it only $24.6 million behind Avatar.

movie sing 2

song 2

In 62 overseas markets, the sequel grossed $17.4M ($133.4 cumulative), including a spectacular UK debut ($9.3M), making it the 3rd best debut of the Covid-Era. Its top territories are France ($18.0), Australia ($12.6) and Mexico ($12.3) and it will debut in March in a market that loves Hollywood animation: Japan.

Despite already being in POVD, in the US it only lost 17% in its 6th week and accumulates $134.5 million. Thus, its global total advanced to $268.0 million.

Scramble (2020)

The fifth installment of the franchise this week exceeded 10 figures, with $106.2 million. In the US it made $7.35 million dollars, for a total of $62.1 million dollars. In 55 international markets, it added $6.5 million dollars, for a total of $44.1 million dollars. Its best debut was India, and its top markets are the UK ($8.3 million), Australia ($3.8), France ($3.7) and Brazil ($2.2).


Kenneth Branagh is indeed a prophet in his land: the United Kingdom is his best territory, with $8.4 million. For his part, in the US he completed 12 weeks, with an accumulated amount of $7.19 million. We’ll see how it goes in Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and South Korea, where he debuts in the next two months.

box office spiderman markets

The alley of the lost loves

Guillermo del Toro is also a prophet in his land: his new film debuted in 1st place in Mexico, with close to $1.0 million. It was also 1st place in Italy and Russia. Meanwhile, in the US, where he is practically out in theaters, he just scratched the 8 digits, with $10.3 million. And globally he accumulates $ 22.9 million.

Other films in international markets

  • Redeeming Love. The faith-based movie reached $6.5 million in 10 days in the US. It has only debuted in one international market: South Africa.
  • King’s Man: The Origin. In the US it reached $34.0 million in 6 weeks. At a global level, it amounts to $114.4 million.
  • Agents 355. In the US it reached $13.1 million in 4 weeks. Globally, it advanced to $21.2 million.
  • Ghostbusters: The Legacy. In its 11th week, the sequel advanced to $128.06 million in the US. Globally, it amounts to $196.0 million.
  • Licorice Pizza. The contender for best film at the Oscars advanced to $11.8 million in its 10th week in the US (and $18.9 million globally).
  • West Side Story. Spielberg’s musical celebrated 8 weeks in the US, and accumulates $36.0 million. Globally it advanced to $61.3 million
box office spiderman markets

Top 10. Global Box Office
Weekend 04. From January 28 to 30, 2022

  1. Spider-Man: No Way Home $32,100,000 (64)
  2. song 2 $22,238,000 (63)
  3. scream $13,850,000 (56)
  4. the alley of lost souls $6,634,000 (42)
  5. King’s Man: The Origin $5,954,000 (20)
  6. Fireflies in the Sun $4,023,652 (1) *
  7. Embrace Again $3,824,164 (2)*
  8. Belfast $3,281,000 (4)
  9. The Pirates: Goblin Flag $2,944,803 (1) **
  10. house of gucci $2,588,211 (37)


*Embrace Again Y Firefiles in the Sun, Chinese films, remained in the weekly global top 10 and accumulated $145.8, $174.8 million, respectively. **The Pirates: Golbin Flagaccumulates in Japan $3.1 million in 4 days.

Corollary: Uncharted

The PlayStation video game adaptation debuts in several markets this February 7… but on February 1 we will have news from the other side of the world, where it is likely that we will have one of the highest grossing weekends of 2022. Indeed: it is the Year Nuevo Chino, and there local blockbusters debut like Water Gate Bridge (which we already talked about), nice view Y Only Fools RushIn.

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