Box office 2022: What are the successes and failures in the middle of the year?

At the beginning of 2022, few would have bet that Top Gun: Maverick would be the highest-grossing film of the year, with more than $1 billion dollars (MDD) and that Lightyearfrom Disney-Pixar, would be a disappointment, grossing less than a good dinosaurbut the mid-year 2022 box office continues to surprise.

We have had surprises like these this first half of 2022, a semester where China has been almost absent (it lasted entire months with thousands of rooms closed) and where little gems like Everything everywhere at the same time they have become critical and box office hits (it’s A24’s biggest global box office).

That said, let’s review what happened in the first six months of the year, where consolidated franchises coexist (Jurassic World, Sonic, The Battle at Changing Lake) with new proposals (The Lost City, The Bad Boys, Elvis) in a year that looks much better than 2020 and 2021.

Top Gun: Maverick

One month was enough Tom Cruise to reach two important marks. The first, to become the first film in his career that exceeds $ 1,000 million dollars (MDD). The second, being the first film of 2022 to exceed 10 figures (and only the 2nd of the Covid-Era, behind spider-Man: No way home). As of July 3, the belated sequel totals $1.109 million, and everything indicates that it will go as high as $1.2-$1.3 billion.

In overseas markets, it has already exceeded $540 million, with its top territories being the United Kingdom ($84.4 million), Japan ($57.6), Australia ($51.5), France ($42.0), South Korea ($27.5) and Germany ($25.6). In the US, where it totals $564.0 million, it is already film no. 12 highest grossing in history, and has ample chances of entering the top 10.

Jurassic World Domain

box office 2022 half year

With just over $824.5 million as of July 3, it is the 3rd most successful film of 2022, as this week it surpassed batman ($770.8 million).

In the US it has $332 million, and everything indicates that it will exceed $370 million, with which it would enter the historical top 50. Internationally, it has already reached $493 million, and China deserves a special mention. First, because they have released Hollywood titles drop by dropper. And second, because it’s the first Hollywood movie to earn more than $100 million in a year (the last one was fast and furious 9). As of July 3, it totaled $129.2 million. Behind are Mexico ($41.3 million), the United Kingdom ($37.2) and Australia ($21.8). It arrives in Japan at the end of the month.


At just $187.6 million globally (and heading into the $250 million neighborhood), it’s on track to be one of the few Disney/Pixar flops, next to the good dinosaur, cars 3 Y Joined (the latter, affected by the start of the pandemic).

box office 2022 half year

In the US at least it exceeded 9 digits, but in international territories things are disparate: while in Latin America it has decent numbers, in Europe it crashed resoundingly, and in Asia it was not even released in several markets. At the mid-year cutoff, its top territories are the US ($105.3 million), Mexico ($16.2 million), the UK ($10.5), Argentina ($5.6), Australia ($5.1), and France ($4.8). This Friday, July 1, he arrived in Japan.

Everything everywhere at the same time

In addition to being the most acclaimed film with a wide release (that is, not on the art circuit) of 2022, it is already the highest grossing -globally and in the US- for the young studio A24, with $67.0 million north of the Rio Grande and $24.4 million in overseas markets.

Until before, the biggest blockbusters were Uncut Gems ($50 million in the US) and Hereditary: The Devil’s Legacy ($81.2 million global). It still needs to debut in markets like France.

box office 2022 half year

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

It took two months, but the 28th movie of the MCU exceeded $950 million globally, of which $410 is added in the US (historical 34th place). Internationally, it adds up to $540 million dollars, an outstanding figure especially if we consider that it never debuted in two key markets: China and Russia. Its top territories are the United Kingdom ($51.5 million), South Korea ($48.2), Mexico ($40.4) and Brazil ($33.6). Indonesia, with $21.0 million, slipped into the top 8.

the black phone

By now, 2021 had already offered us two major horror hits: The Conjuring 3: The devil me did do itY A Quiet Place: Part 2. It was not planned: both came from a postponed release in 2020. This summer, Blumhouse came up with a less blockbuster, but critically acclaimed, genre proposal: the black phone. In the US, it debuted better than expected, with $23.3 million dollars and 64% of its tickets sold to young people between 18 and 34 years old. In 10 days it already adds up to $74.4 million globally, and it will have no problem reaching 9 digits.

Minions: The Rise of Gru

With $202.2 million global ($87.2 from 60 overseas markets), it is the first success of the 2nd half of 2022, since in one weekend it has already surpassed the cumulative box office of Lightyear.

In the US, it can boast the best debut of the Independence Day weekend, with $127.9 million (adding July 4). In 4 overeas markets (Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Venezuela) it was the best animated debut in history, and in 52 the best animated debut of the pandemic. Its top overseas markets are the United Kingdom ($12.9 million), Mexico ($12.4), Germany ($4.8), Spain ($3.6) and Indonesia ($3.4), and it has yet to debut in France, South Korea, Japan and Italy.

Other outstanding films of the first half of the year

box office 2022 half year
  • TheBatman. The reboot of the franchise debuted in March and ended up grossing $770.8 million globally. In Mexico it is located in the historical 21st place, with $638 million pesos (MDP), above Batman vs. Superman and its $630.8 million pesos.
  • Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. At least it exceeded $400 million globally, being -by far- the lowest grossing of the Wizarding World. In the US it did not reach $100 million dollars, and in Mexico it was on a par with its two predecessors.
  • Sonic 2: The Movie. The sequel also topped $400 million, debuting two years after its $303 million predecessor, which saw its commercial run cut after a month due to theaters being shut down by ‘something’ called SARS-COVID19.
  • Uncharged: Off the map. the wake of No Way Home favored the next Tom Holland project, which made $400 million globally and $147 million in the US, enough for the 2nd place in history for a video game adaptation, behind only Sonic 2 ($190 million) and ahead of Detective Pikachu Y Sonic.
  • The bad boys. Dreamworks Animation has forgettable projects (Spirit, Turbo, Home) and this one seemed to fall into that category, but oh surprise! It’s a $244.4 million sleeper-hit and in China it’s the 2nd biggest Hollywood hit of the year.
  • The lost City. The film with Sandra Bullock became only the 2nd original comedy in a pandemic (behind FreeGuy) which exceeds $100 million in the US. Globally it reached $190 million dollars, and in June it debuted in Japan.
  • RRR. The sensation film on Netflix, produced in India, added $150 million globally, most of it in its homeland and another good slice in markets such as the US ($11.1), the United Arab Emirates ($2.9) and Australia ($2.5 million).
  • The Roundup. These days, it will become the 4th South Korean film to exceed -in its territory- $100 million, behind The Admiral: Roaring Currents ($121.4), Extreme Job ($118.6) and Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds ($103.5).
  • The Battle at Lake Changjin 2. Just 4 months after its predecessor (the biggest hit in Chinese history, with +$900 million), its sequel debuted on Chinese New Year and totaled $607 million.
  • Too Cool To Kill. The comedy was a surprise Chinese New Year hit in February, taking in $393 million, enough for a top 10 spot in January-June 2022. nice viewa drama that premiered on the same date, reached $206.6 million.
  • Lighting Up the Stars. The family drama is the first Chinese movie in 4 months to finally break the $100 million mark, and it has the rope for much more due to its positive word of mouth… and the massive reopening of theaters in China.

Corollary: Elvis

During the pandemic, there are several aspects to recognize Warner Bros: they were the first to launch a blockbuster (Tenet) when thousands of theaters were closed; were the first to debut with a ‘film event’ (Godzilla vs. kong) and now, they did know how to bring to the cinema an audience that was reluctant to return to theaters: those over 50 years of age. Indeed: 30% of the public of Elvis were older than 55 years, and 48% older than 45.

Baz Luhrmann’s film grossed $113 million globally in its first 10 days in theaters. In the US it accumulates $67.3 million dollars, and in 50 international markets (led by Australia), 46.2 million dollars. We assume that it will be the director’s 2nd highest-grossing film globally, behind The Great Gatsby ($353.6 million) and ahead of Australia ($215.8) and Moulin Rouge ($179.1).

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