Bob Iger believes that no one will return to theaters after the pandemic


Beyond the medical and health misfortunes that the coronavirus pandemic brought with it, the most significant thing that originated from it were all the transformative processes. Now it is possible for a company to work with all its employees from home. Or that the cinema is consumed and distributed through platforms streaming. The comfort of doing things from home has brought its various benefits. And that is why Bob Iger believes that people will not return to theaters in the same way, even if the pandemic is over.

We are probably one step away from seeing the end of a pandemic that locked us up for two years. The film industry is already wondering how things will work from now on. Former Walt Disney Studios Chairman Bob Iger doesn’t have such an encouraging view (via) about the return of theaters. Or at least it assures that things will hardly ever go back to the way they were before.

“Covid made people much more comfortable viewing media on apps from home,” he explained. “While I don’t think this is the same as the experience of going to the movies, it is good enough.”

During the months of the pandemic, the only films that achieved large numbers, apparently “normal” to those used to them, were the blockbusters. tapes like Spider-Man: No Way Home, batman or basically any superhero film, were the ones that became a kind of anchor that did not let the industry die.

Precisely Iger commanded Disney for many years and with that experience he has observed particular cases such as that of Charm. Although the animated film did not become a blockbuster, its numbers were decent. However, it was upon arrival at the platform streaming of the company, that the film became a cultural and media phenomenon. Even with the help of TikTok, one song in particular went viral.

“I think people will still want to go to the theater to see certain movies, but they won’t want to go to as many as they used to,” Iger continued. “So I don’t think the business will go away. I think it transforms and we are already seeing it. And I don’t think the post-Covid world will go back to what it was before.”

Behind that logic it is understood why Disney decided not to release the last two Pixar movies in theaters. So much Luca What Turning Red they arrived at a time when the rooms were operating with some regularity. However, the studio chose to release them directly on the platform. The decision took all the artisans behind them with surprise and disappointment.

Nevertheless, Lightyear yes, it is agreed to reach the movie theaters. The difference between this and those is obvious. While there are no precedents or indications that audiences will fill theaters to see two original stories that they know little about, with the space adventure there is a successful saga behind it. toy story.

West Side Story It was another film that proved that audiences no longer like to go to theaters. Spielberg’s $100 million musical was the studio’s biggest flop of the past year. But when the film premiered on Disney Plus, the public welcomed it with open arms and even commented on it widely on social media. People want to see movies, but not go to theaters.

“And when you consider what you have to do to go to the movies, which is drive there or go to work in some way and pay for transportation, parking, etc; all to sit in a big room with a lot of people, for some there’s friction involved and it’s just not worth it,” concludes Bob.

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