Bill Skarsgård to star in The Raven reboot


The actor of the series Item —interpreter of the clown Pennywise— will leave the sewers and the hunt for children to relive one of the most iconic revenge stories of the nineties. According to latest reports, Bill Skarsgård will star in the next reboot from The Raventhe 1994 action and fantasy film, directed by Alex Proyas and starring the legendary Brandon Lee.

The Raven (1994)

In the past week, The Hollywood Reporter disclosed that a reboot from The Raven —until now titled The Crow— was finally in the works, after more than a decade of foiled plans. The last one included director Corin Hardy and actor Jason Momoa, who both left the project in the spring of 2018. Now, four years later, new names are already sounding for the main role and the director’s chair.

As we said, Bill Skarsgård will now play Eric Draven, a musician who is violently murdered along with his girlfriend at the beginning of the original film. Later in the story, he is revived by a raven, which also gives him the ability to quickly heal from his wounds. Then, brought back to life and with a useful power of regeneration, Draven sets himself a single task: to take the lives of those gang members who snatched the love of his life.

As director of reboot figure Rupert Sanderswhose two previous feature films were snow white and the huntedr (2012) and Ghost in the Shell: The Watcher of the Future (2017). As producers, the names of Molly Hassell (Danger on the mountain) and Edward R. Pressman, who played the same role in the 1994 version.

A subsequent report of THR revealed that the actress and singer FKA Twigs will accompany Skarsgård as part of the cast, in the role of the protagonist’s girlfriend. And although this character was very relegated in the original film, media sources point out that the girl will be reinvented to give her greater importance within the reboot.

It is planned that the filming of The Crow start in June this year, with locations in Prague and Munich. At the moment, the project does not presume any distributor involved.

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Before Bill Skarsgård, the main role of The Raven fell into the hands of Brandon Lee, a 28-year-old actor who died during the filming of the 90s movie, as a result of a bullet fired from a prop gun. That film was distributed by Miramax Films and earned $50.6 million at the worldwide box office. It was inspired by the homonymous comic by James O’Barr.

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