Big Brother 23 – will Derek Xiao resist a backdoor nomination?

Sarah Beth Steagall didn’t plan out her Week 7 Head of Household triumph, but Huge Brother houseguest Kyland Young encouraged her to make a “big move” by throwing her competition for a loop. In a dramatic twist, Sarah Beth knew she could succeed after Xavier Prather saved himself by getting veto power over the replacement nominee, a position that he could only be able to do by landing on the block in the veto roulette. The query by some fans might be if Derek Xiao can dodge backdoor nomination by Sarah Beth to remain in the house.

A strange turn of events because after Claire Rehfuss’s nomination, she appeared to be far more likely to stay in the house than Derek Xiao. The answer is not quite as straightforward as it seemed as time ran out on eviction night. For everyone who missed the live feeds or simply needs a reminder, here is a breakdown of everything that is going on that might prevent Derek X from being voted out of the Big Brother house for the jury.

Derek inspired Tiffany to take a risk, which was most likely an accident.

Derek Xiao, who has already been on the block, spoke to Tiffany Mitchell about his outlook in the house. Derek X said he knew Kyland Young and Xavier Prather wanted Derek Frazier gone, and he saw them leave a room earlier that day after a long conversation with Derek Frazier. Tiffany pressed him further, saying Kyland Young had an issue with a white girl (referring to Tiffany) dating Derek Frazier. Tiffany had no idea about the drama in the air. Still, the truth of the matter was that she realized the “association” between Kyland, Xavier, Sarah Beth Steagall, and Alyssa Lopez was drawing a red flag, which prompted her to take action.

Tiffany knew that Kyland and Xavier were set up for success in the last few weeks, as they could feasibly win without being on the bottom. In contrast, Tiffany, Hannah Chaddha, and Azah Awasum were vulnerable due to Alyssa and Sarah Beth being in the game. And she also recalled how she had to submit to Kyland’s demands and let Christian go ahead of schedule, something he had not had to do with the Cookout. When Tiffany became aware of this, she became angry, and things in the kitchen grew heated between Tiffany, Xavier, and Derek F.

Tiffany originally said that she had given up a lot for The Cookout to have been let down, but she later reconsidered. When Tiffany appeared to have given up, she stated on live television that she intended to share all the relevant details with Derek to give him every opportunity to put himself in the best position to win the day after. She intended to appear as though she was not influential on the choice. Derek X received support from Tiffany, Hannah, and Azah, but he still needs four votes to survive. This was facilitated by aid from his partner.

Kyland has second thoughts about his original scheme.

It’s vital to remember that while Sarah Beth Steagall is in charge of nominations and decisions, she isn’t the Head of Household unless Kyland Young wins HOH. He planned to sneak attack Derek Xiao, and although he made a sacrifice for The Cookout and his game, he feels justified in his actions. Even though he was quite sure of the choice on Monday, he has become unsure about it, following a fight with Tiffany in the kitchen and discussing with Derek X.

Kyland discussed with his false Final 2 partner Sarah Beth for a long period of time on Wednesday and gently hinted that he was considering moving the objective to Claire Rehfuss. Sarah Beth had seemed opposed to the concept when we spoke, but that’s just because she has gone from a solitary player to a fan favorite in the house. It is plainly false, but Sarah Beth believes she has made many allies this week as she plots her move to eliminate a significant target.

The key here is the pledge to vote for Derek in the next election. To keep the team’s starting five for next season, Derek Frazier, Alyssa Lopez, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, and Derek Mitchell, Hannah Chaddha, or Azah Awasum must provide a verbal promise to return. Though Derek X’s path to surviving in the house still has a few obstacles left, his future in the house looks brighter after getting Kyland’s vote. He’s likely to remain in the house until the final two or three. However, Kyland’s support might be more difficult to secure than his votes in past evictions.

The Derek Xiao Saga: Can the key to saving Derek Xiao be found in Xavier’s 24-hour isolation period?

Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez have no interest in saving Derek Xiao under any circumstances. The latter is a bit crazy. To Christian, Derek X sent home the guy in a showmance with her, Xavier. Now, Derek X represents the last person Xavier expects to face as he pushes through The Cookout’s Final 6. Although Xavier has caused significant problems for Derek X in the past, Derek X’s punishment from his veto win has allowed Derek X to work on regaining his position.

Because of his victory in the veto competition, Xavier has been sentenced to being isolated from the rest of the Big Brother house for 24 hours. He’s said to be in seclusion from Wednesday evening until shortly before he is due to cast his vote on the live elimination show. Xavier is the biggest hurdle that Derek X and Tiffany must clear to execute their strategy. If Derek X leaves, I’m very certain Kyland and Derek F can be convinced to retain Derek X on the team.

Kyland Young has more time to think if Derek X is beneficial to his game, with Xavier Prather now gone. Derek Frazier has previously said that he thinks Derek X is good for his game, but he’ll vote with Xavier and Kyland because of the consequences. Even if Kyland wobbles, Xavier could only escape from his confinement to find that his previous adversaries had moved. There’s a good chance Derek X may change his vote, and fans want to hear about that.

Big Brother airs on CBS on Thursday, August 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET, so if it really happens, we’ll know then. Do you support Derek Xiao’s staying? Voice your opinion in our poll, and tell us if you agree or disagree!


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