Beyblade: Paramount will develop a live-action movie


Almost seven years have passed since Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to make a production live action based on the popular toy franchise beyblades. Now, everything seems to indicate that the film project will finally be launched officially.

dead line reported That the movie live action from beyblades is in its initial stage of development by the hand of Jerry Bruckheimerrenowned Hollywood producer behind franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, bad boys or top gun.

The script for the film will be written by Neil Widener and Gavin James, although details about the plot are being kept under wraps. The duo has already collaborated on the script for the third installment of Illusionists for Lionsgate, and is currently working on the movie version of the comic Hourman for Warner Bros. and DC Films.

The American Middle speculates that Paramount could turn beyblades in a franchise like transformers or G.I. Joegiven the enormous popularity of this line of toys with millions of units sold around the world.

beyblade live action

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Takara Tomy first launched the “Beyblade” to the Japanese market during the summer of 1999. The promotion of the product was accompanied by a manga created by Takao Aoki, as well as a successful anime series by Madhouse. The franchise has expanded through numerous manga adaptations, three series spin off in the world of anime and a couple of animated feature films.

The stories of the series usually follow a group of boys interested in winning the Beyblade World Championship. The rules are simple: two players launch their Beyblades on a concave shaped arena with the aim of knocking down their opponent’s Beyblade first. The last one to keep spinning wins.

The Japanese company has licensed the Beyblade for sale to various international toy companies, including Hasbro in the West.

beyblade live action

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beyblades and Beyblade Burst are available for free at Youtube.

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