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Netflix has been characterized as a platform with an offer of popular movies that, most likely, we have seen at some point on television or less, we hear about them. However, the company has also taken pains to offer original productions that were not promoted enough to achieve the number of viewers they were deserving of. Behind this count of the best drama movies, there was a tour ofClassic movies, original content and Mexican filmmakers.

The themes of the stories are extremely varied. Each of them could fall into a different subgenre of drama: romantic, adventure, suspense. Although without a doubt, each film, from its trench, manages to awaken some emotion in the viewer. That is already an achievement, and that is why they have been considered on this list.

To keep you on the edge of the seat for the suspense, no doubt Beasts of no nation it’s a good option. To cry, some classic movies like 12 years of slavery or Looking for happiness. Although if you are a big animal lover, it would probably be a great challenge to see Ok.

Below, in no order of preference, the best drama films told by renowned filmmakers such asAlfonso CuaronandNoah baumbach, Academy Award-winning or critically acclaimed films despite low popularity.

Okja (Dir. Bong Joon Ho, 2017)

It seems that films of strange species endangered by the selfishness of the world to profit from them will never bore us. Although the premise of many films with different tonalities such asETUntil this production from South Korea, it is the same, the context in which it takes place is key to give it a new flavor.

This little girl, along with the huge pig that she has cared for throughout her childhood, will face a corporate that seeks to profit from her. See the full movie here.

Beasts of no nation (Dir. Cary Fukunaga, 2015).

A child’s life totally changes when a civil war breaks out in his country. The drama of a boy turned into a soldier by mercenaries, narrates the difficult political context of the conflict in Africa. Despite being in the book Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala, the film does not specify the place where the war drama is lived, giving the viewer a greater insight that the remoteness of the place does not matter, but the suffering of the innocent. You can watch the movie here.

Private life (Dir. Tamara Jenkins, 2018)

One of the best Netflix original productions that had little diffusion and that, without a doubt, has exceptional performances, as well as a message and approach on a taboo subject around the world: fertility.

The film directed by Tamara Jenkins tells the story of a couple seeking to expand their family with a son. However, after trying for several years they turn to artificial insemination or even adoption to achieve it.

Although it seems that it is an increasingly common method, it is little known what other ways exist for people who fail to get pregnant afterwards. This film is an approach to the subject and the prejudices that exist around this type of methods.

Is the idea of ​​”obsessing” with having children wrong? Jenkins takes us by the hand to recognize the economic, but above all, emotional wear and tear that these procedures imply. See Private life here.

Rome (Dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 2018)

The latest film directed by Alfonso Cuarón has become one of the essential drama films on Netflix for several reasons: the conversation around it, the emotionality of the story and the majestic photography.Rometells the story of a domestic worker who performs her chores in the home of a middle-class family (who represent the filmmaker’s family).

The pregnancy of Cleo, the main character played by Yalitza Aparicio, will be the key in which the main plot of the story will turn. So entertaining that it was not necessary to live in Mexico to awaken the emotion in the viewer. A piece acclaimed by the world. Sail here.

A Little Favor (Dir. Paul Feig, 2018)

It is about a single mother named Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), who regularly makes videoblogs, about things related to being a mother, cooking, among others.

One day when picking up her little son from school, she meets another mother who picks up her son to go home, Emily (Blake Lively), a mysterious and glamorous woman who is not liked by any of the parents at school. of his son. When Stephanie met, she did not see the reason why neither of the parents loved her, so she began to engage in conversations with her, the children of both became friends and soon they too.

One day Emily decided to ask her friend for a small favor, pick up her son from school and take him with her so that later, after work, she could pick him up at Stephanie’s house, she gladly supported her. The hours passed and Emily did not appear, has something happened to her? Find out here.

The room (Dir. Lenny Abrahamson, 2015)

The film is about a woman named Joey (Brie Larsson) who was kidnapped, raped and is now being held in a room along with the son she had right there, Jack.

Jack has never known the outside world, he only knows that the room is a “safe” place where he is held in captivity with his mother. On Jack’s birthday, Joey decides it’s time to start making a plan to get away and finally get his freedom back. But you must be very stealthy, because your kidnapper can realize it at any time and harm you.

This film was the winner of a series of awards, Brie Larsson, obtained several awards for her performance as Joey in the film, of which the Oscar for best actress as well as the BAFTA and the Golden Globe for the same category stand out. See this play here.

Blue miracle (Dir. Julio Quintana, 2021)

Omar is in charge of an orphanage called Casa Hogar in Cabo San Lucas. He is a man who likes to help street children and who does everything possible to sustain the place. However, a hurricane hits the area where they live and destroys the orphanage. Now Omar has the task of seeing how he does to get money and resources to raise the children, who are many.

One day he realizes that there will be a fishing competition in which the team that manages to catch the biggest fish will win a prize (in money). Knowing nothing about fishing, Omar and three of the boys are forced to team up with a grumpy fisherman who doesn’t like fish and doesn’t seem to like the idea of ​​sharing the winner’s credit and prize. However, he ends up accepting as he wants to regain his place as the winner of the tournament. Will the orphanage be saved? Discover its ending here.

Down to the bone (Dir. Martin Noxon, 2017)

Ellen (Lily Collins) is a girl who suffers from severe anorexia. Due to the seriousness of her condition, she must be treated in a specialized rehabilitation center, to recover one hundred percent. At the center, she meets a doctor who uses a fairly orthodox and conventional method to help her with her battle. At the center, she meets a group of people who also suffer from eating disorders and are hospitalized in search of a better quality of life.

The house has a series of rules, there is no internet or anything like that, because patients must earn those benefits with their good behavior, such as finishing dinner and thus receiving points. By accumulating enough points they can earn benefits. Obviously looking for the benefits, Ellen tries to fulfill her duties, but it is very difficult for her. Will you be able to overcome your problem? Know the answer here.

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