Berlinale 2022: Official selection and the Mexican presence


The 72nd edition of the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale 2022) will officially start from February 10 to 20, 2022. As a prelude, the festival organizers announced part of the program, which includes the participation of three Mexican films directed by women. Is about north over the void, from Alejandra Marquez Abella; God’s kingdom, from Claudia Sainte-Luce; Y Soul and Peace, a short film Chris Gray.

north over the voidby Alejandra Marquez Abella

After having directed Holy Week (2015) and girls well (2018), the filmmaker from Potosí Alejandra Márquez Abella returns to the director’s chair with north over the void (2022). This third feature film will have its premiere within the festival because it is already part of the Panoramas section of the Berlinale 2022.

«Some directors of this year’s programming tackle social unrest with visual brio and an appetite for gestures […] Fields of vision become harbingers of upheaval as Mexican director Alejandra Márquez Abella depicts the elite’s fall from power in her second epic feature film, north over the void«, describes the Berlinale.

What is it about north over the void?

The film -which was filmed in Nuevo León and Tamaulipas- is based on the true story of Alejo Garza Tamez, a businessman and hunter, who was murdered after being shot at by a criminal organization that demanded he hand over his assets. north over the void includes in its distribution Gerardo Trejoluna, dove petra (The dove and the wolf), Dolores Heredia, Juan Daniel Garcia Trevino Y Mayra Hermosillo.

Alejandra Marquez Abella Berlinale 2022
north over the voidby Alejandra Marquez Abella

It should be added that the Panoramas section is made up of 16 feature films. Tape Viens je t’emmène (Nobody’s Hero), by Alain Guiraudie, will be in charge of opening this section. Other films that make up Panoramas are:

  • Aşk, Mark sees Ölüm(Love, Deutschmarks and Death), by Cem Kaya (Germany)
  • baqyt(Happiness), by Askar Uzabayev (Kazakhstan)
  • berdreymi(beautiful beings), by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson (Iceland/Denmark/Sweden/Netherlands/Czech Republic
  • betina, by Lutz Pehnert (Germany)
  • five wolves(Lullaby), by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa (Spain)
  • Concerned Citizen, by Idan Haguel (Israel)
  • a female(Una Feminina – The Code of Silence), by Francesco Costabile (Italy)
  • Fogaréu, by Flávia Neves (Brazil/France)
  • Grand Jete, by Isabelle Stever (Germany)
  • Heroji radnicke klase(Working Class Heroes), by Miloš Pušić (Serbia)
  • Kdyby radši hořelo(Somewhere Over the Chemtrails), by Adam Koloman Rybanský (Czech Republic)
  • No Simple Way Home, from Akuol de Mabior (Kenya/South Sudan/South Africa)
  • No U-Turn, by Ike Nnaebue (Nigeria/South Africa/France/Germany)
  • Product 24(Convenience Store), by Michael Borodin (Russia/Slovenia/Turkey)
  • Viens je t’emmène(Nobody’s Hero), by Alain Guiraudie (France)

God’s kingdomby Claudia Sainte-Luce

After having directed The unusual catfish (2013), the empty box (2016) and the path of sun (2021), Veracruz director Claudia Sainte-Luce returns to directing with her fourth feature film entitled God’s kingdom. The film will have premiere within the festival because it is already part of the Generation section of the Berlinale 2022.

What is it about God’s kingdom?

“Neimar is an eight-year-old boy who lives in a small town and is excited about making his first communion, since his grandmother has assured him that on that day he will meet God. His life is quiet between taking care of racehorses, of which he is a fan; work at a cape begging for money and help her mom sell tamales on weekends with her best friend, Demi. All this serenity in Neimar’s environment suddenly changes, as his life is filled with disappointments that will make him reconsider his surroundings, leaving aside his innocence.

God’s kingdom stars Diego Armando Lara Lagunes, Margarita Guevara González, Lizbeth Gabriela Nolasco Hernández and Michelle Martínez.

Claudia Sainte-Luce Berlinale 2022
God’s kingdomby Claudia Sainte-Luce

The focus of the films found in the Generation section has to do with the role of young people and how they perceive the world, how they appropriate it or how they oppose it. The films in this section speak to the inherent power of young people to move mountains. Here is the complete list of films that make up the Generation section:

  • allons enfants(rookies), by Thierry Demaizière, Alban Teurlai (France)
  • drink, by Rebeca Huntt (United States/Mexico)
  • An Cailin Ciuin(The Quiet Girl), by Colm Bairéad (Ireland)
  • comedy queen, by Sanna Lenken (Sweden)
  • Kind Hearts, by Olivia Rochette, Gerard-Jan Claes (Belgium)
  • Knore(oink), by Mascha Halberstad (Netherlands)
  • Millie Lies Low, by Michelle Savill (New Zealand)
  • My Father’s Truck, by Mauricio Osaki (Vietnam)
  • Sublime, by Mariano Biasin (Argentina)
  • Tytöt tytöt tytöt(Girl Pictures), from Alli Haapasalo (Finland)

Similarly, in the Generation section, the short film Soul and Peace,written and directed by Mexican filmmaker Chris Gray. The short film tells the story of two sisters, who after the death of their mother, must decide what to do with their childhood home and all its memories. Y drink, by Rebeca Huntt, will also compete in the Generation section.

In addition, the director Natalia Lopez Gallardo will compete for the Golden Bear, the highest award at the Berlinale, with his first film gem cloak (Robe of Gems), a film co-produced between Mexico, the United States and Argentina, and with the stellar performance of Nailea Norvind, Antonia Olivares and Aida Roa.

What is it about gem cloak?

«In the middle of the divorce process, Isabel has settled in the countryside with her children. There he discovers that the sister of his assistant Maria is missing. Isabel seeks to help her. Maria wants her sister back. Roberta, the police commander, needs to get her son out of drug trafficking. The fate of one more victim of violence will lead these three beings on a path out of time”, reveals a synopsis of Piano.

Cloak of Gems Berlinale 2022 Nailea Norvind
Nailea Norvind in gem cloak

Finally, four nights, by Deepak Rauniyar, a Mexican co-production with the United States and Nepal is also part of the Berlinale Shorts 2022.

Mexican filmmakers and journalists

Director of The Wolves, Samuel Kishiis part of the jury Generation K Plus of this edition. accompany him Daniela Cajias Y Nicholas Jones.

“Many thanks to the Berlinale for the honor of inviting me to be part of the Generation Jury team and giving me the opportunity to see the amazing and wonderful films in competition, see you in February!” the filmmaker wrote on his Instagram account. Twitter.

For his part, the Mexican critic Pepe Ruiloba will present the Teddy Award, to the best of queer cinema.

Thanks to Berlinale Talents, 3 Mexicans and 3 Mexicans will also participate:

  • Analpia Goethals – Editor and Director
  • Arturo Salazar – Sound design
  • Miguel Ángel Sánchez – Producer and director
  • Fabiola Santiago – Film critic
  • Regina Serratos – Distributor
  • Kevin Smithers – Composer

Finally, 5 Mexican producers participate in the Co-Production Market Visitors Program:

  • Ana Laura Calderón, from Hidden Wings
  • Gabriela Maldonado, from Tangram Film
  • Juan Manuel Sepúlveda, from Forge Cinema
  • Carlos Hernandez, from Mandarina Cinema
  • Gabriel Stavenhagen of The Lift

official selection

the filmmaker M.Night Shyamalan will chair the jury of the Berlinale 2022.

Films in competition

  • AEIOU – Das schnelle Alphabet der Liebe (AEIOU – A Quick Alphabet of Love), by Nicolette Krebitz
  • Alcarràsby Carla Simon
  • Avec amour et acharnement (Both Sides of the Blade), by Claire Denis
  • Call Janeby Phyllis Nagy
  • Dri Winter (A Piece of Sky), by Michael Koch
  • Everything Will Be Ok, by Rithy Panh
  • the line (The Line), by Ursula Meier
  • Leonora addedby Paolo Taviani
  • The passagers of the night (The Passengers of the Night), by Mikhaël Hers
  • lullaby (Before, Now & Then), by Kamila Andini
  • Peter von KantFrancois Ozon
  • Rabiye Kurnazgegen George W. Bush (Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W Bush), by Andreas Dresen
  • Riminiby Ulrich Seidl
  • Robe of Gems (Mantle of gems), by Natalia López Gallardo
  • So-seol-ga-ui Yeong-hwa (The Novelist’s Film), by Hong Sang Soo
  • one year one night, by Isaki Lacuesta
  • Un été comme ça (That Kind of Summer), by Denis Côté
  • Yin Ru Chen Yan (Return to Dust), by Li Ruijun

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