Ben Affleck enjoyed filming The Flash: “The previous experience was difficult”


Ben affleck recently stated that his participation in the upcoming The Flash it was a lovely and fun experience. Certainly the actor does not usually refer in this way to all the DCEU projects where he has worn the Bat Man costume. Although years ago he confessed how much he enjoyed doing Batman v superman, then had to deal with the troublesome reshoots from Justice league, orchestrated by Joss Whedon. But fortunately, it seems that that bad taste in the mouth disappeared thanks to the scarlet sprinter’s solo tape.

This past weekend, while talking to Marc Malkin about Variety, Ben Affleck acknowledged that belonging to the cast of The Flash it meant “a very nice way” to rejoin the DC Extended Universe. He also reiterated that working in Justice league —The theatrical version of 2017— after the departure of Zack Snyder it became a complicated experience.

«[The Flash] it was a really nice way to revisit that as previous experience was difficult«, Said the actor. This was really lovely. Very funny”.

In the summer of 2020, it was confirmed that Affleck would once again play Bruce Wayne / Batman in the Lightning Runner movie, under the direction of Andy Muschietti. Therefore, the Oscar winner apparently would not be obliged to remain silent about his participation in The Flash. Still, the actor jokingly suggested that by sharing those first impressions, he may have violated a confidentiality agreement.

“I had a great time. I’m probably under a gag order and I’m not even aware that I probably just raped it. Now they are going to sue me, “he told Variety.

To conclude, Affleck stressed the enormous affection he has for Ezra Miller, the interpreter of Barry Allen / The Flash in the upcoming tape. And he added that this filming even allowed him to meet again with Jason Momoa, who is currently filming the sequel. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, also in Great Britain.

According to previous reports, Ben Affleck began filming his scenes for The Flash last month. And in theory, this will be the last movie where we see “Batfleck” kick some ass. However, even if Affleck does intend to say goodbye to the character, it is comforting that he at least does so in a project of epic dimensions. The aforementioned feature film will open the doors of the multiverse within the DCEU, so Michael Keaton’s classic Batman he will also make an appearance.

The Flashwill hit theaters on November 4, 2022. In its cast also appearSasha street(Supergirl),Kiersey clemons(Iris West),Maribel verdu(Nora Allen) andRon Livingston(Henry Allen).

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