Ben Affleck acknowledges that Matt Damon motivated him to quit Batman


Before the Matt Reeves film with Robert Patinson, originally The batman it was going to be a movie focused on the Bat Man from the DC Extended Universe; that is, that version that we saw with Superman and Wonder Woman in Justice league 2017. However, that original idea ended up in the bin due to the resignation of the person who was going to direct it and star in it. And according to himself Ben affleck —The actor and filmmaker in question — he might not have had the courage to abandon the project had it not been for Matt Damon.

At this point, it is no secret that Ben Affleck passed Cain’s during the filming of Justice league. In particular, when Zack Snyder left the executive chair – after the death of his daughter – and Joss Whedon came in as relief for the infamous reshooting. Also, it was a time when Affleck faced various personal conflicts, which eventually dampened his enthusiasm for a Bat Man solo film.

«Justice league it was what really became the lowest point for me “, commented the Oscar winner in an interview with LA Times. “That was a bad experience due to a confluence of things: my own life, my divorce, being away for a long time, competing agendas and then the personal tragedy of Zack and the reshooting. It was simply the worst experience. It was horrible”.

By January 2019, Ben Affleck had completely given up directing and starring. The batman. And it was not specifically due to what was experienced on the set of Justice league, but in general to all those factors that —during production— kept him emotionally in the hole.

“I was really not happy,” the actor confessed in a recent talk with his friend and colleague by profession Matt Damon (a conversation transcribed and published by EW). Right there, Affleck recalled that his interlocutor became “a main influence” for him to finally decide to notify Warner Bros. that he was not planning to direct any film about the cloaked Gotham City vigilante.

«I talked to you about it and you were a main influence in that decisionHe said to Damon. «I want to do the things that can bring me joy … Then we went and did The last duel and I had fun every day with this movie […] It was a wonderful experience. They were just things that came up that I was not pursuing.

The vintage tape The last duelRidley Scott’s reunited Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as co-writers, more than twenty years after they both wrote the drama Indomitable mind by Gus Van Sant. In fact, their screenplay for that 1997 movie earned them the Academy Award, but since then, more important to Affleck is how much he has learned from the actor from Jason bourne Y Rescue mission.

If you are smart, you learn from people who are really good. And I think our friendship helped instill that knowledge in me, “he stressed in his conversation with Damon. “We were very generous and open with things. Being around other people who you liked and respected, and who were intelligent, made you someone better.

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In addition to The last duelWe saw Ben Affleck recently in The Tender Bar, a film directed by George Clooney, now available on Prime Video México.

In the role of Batman, the actor still has one more film pending within the DCEU, which is The Flash. Let’s not forget that the Scarlet Runner solo movie will feature two different versions of the Bat Man: Affleck’s and Michael Keaton’s. Excited?

Its premiere is scheduled for November 4, 2022.

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