Bel Air: Premiere in Mexico of the dramatic version of the series The Prince of Rap


the priinception of rap is back in a reboot with a renewed change of tone and with the support of Will Smith in the chair of producer. The new series is called Bel Air and, although it debuted in the United States for a while, this April 27 will arrive on Star Plus.

the new series Bel-Air It will be based, of course, on the classic comedy, but it will take as its starting point a false trailer which went viral. Morgan Cooper reimagined the series from a drama point of view and the video received such a good reception that it caught the attention of Will Smith.

The celebrated actor met with Cooper and they almost immediately agreed to bring the series back, but with a more thoughtful approach to drama. Cooper will write and direct, in addition to naming himself as co-executive producer. Chris Collins will also assist with the scripting and will also serve as showrunner. While Smith will serve as executive producer alongside the original producers of the ShowQuincy Jones and Benny Medina.

Although Westbrook Studios and Universal Television financed the project, the series Bel-Air arrives in Mexico through Star Plus.

Prince of rap

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a comedy series and one of the most celebrated of the 90s. Broadcast from 1990 to 1996, the series was responsible for launching actor Will Smith to world stardom, who was soon able to participate in films like bad boys or independence day.

The Serie tells the story of young Will Smith, who, after a run-in with a dangerous Philadelphia gang, is sent by his mother to live with his wealthy Bel-Air relatives in Los Angeles. The series was produced by the NBC network.

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