Behind the scenes: Tom, Tobey and Andrew recreate Spider-Man meme


Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire made up the most beloved and profitable third party in recent years. Over the course of two months, the latest Spider-Man movie grossed $1.832 million at the global box office, pandemic restrictions notwithstanding. Now, after a successful commercial run, Sony Pictures supports the promotion of the tape in home format. And for this, he released new images and a preview of Spider-Man: No Way Homenow without fear of spoilers and even honoring a popular arachnid meme.

The previous photograph recreates that “pointing” meme we’ve all seen countless times on social media, where two Spider-Man (or even three, in the case of edited images) point fingers at each other.

The original meme started from a frame from the animated series spider-man from 1967, where a criminal wears a suit identical to that of the heroic wall climber, while the latter confronts him. However, with growing suspicions about the spider versethat frame eventually it came to represent our desire to see different versions of Spider-Man together in the same movie. live action. Fortunately, our wishes were fulfilled. And with that photograph starring Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, the cycle is complete.

On the other hand, let us remember that the very Spider-Man: No Way Home referenced the meme at two key moments in the film. One was in the laboratory, well into the third act, when Ned calls Peter (Holland) and the other Peters (Maguire and Garfield) react, not knowing exactly who they are talking to. The second happens during the final battle, when the three Spider-Man try to figure out how to work as a team and decide to number themselves.

The hilarious confusion in the laboratory scene even arose from a proposal by Andrew Garfield, inspired precisely by the viralized meme. But don’t think for that that the actor of The amazing Spiderman he took his presence in pure play no way home. In fact, he was grateful that his involvement—along with Maguire’s—was relevant to the evolution of the main character.

“It wasn’t like we were just being asked to go, say hello and then go again, but actually our presence was in service of Tom, in service of Tom’s journey and where he is as Peter Parker,” Garfield explained weeks ago. (via). “And I love the sense of destiny of the multiverse that expands in this movie.”

In addition, Sony recently released a commercial about the home format of Spider-Man: No Way Home. There is guaranteed to be more than eighty minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, including “twenty more minutes of Peter 2 and Peter 3,” plus easter eggs and bloopers.

see the full ad next:

Spider-Man: No Way Home It will arrive in digital format on March 22. The Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD version will be released on April 12 of this year.

Meanwhile, the epic MCU movie continues to be shown in Mexican theaters. How many times have you seen it already?

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