Baz Luhrmann explained why he didn’t choose Harry Styles for Elvis

For a few months we heard the rumor that Harry Styles would be in charge of playing Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s new movie. However, we later found out that Austin Butler had been chosen for the demanding role. Many believed that the singer had a tight schedule or that perhaps the director had not found enough in him to take on the challenge. But now the filmmaker clarifies what was the main reason why he gave up hiring the pop star.

In a recent interview, Luhrmann revealed that both Harry Styles and Miles Teller were solid candidates for the role. Both interpreters were in the race to get the iconic costumes of the king of Rock And Roll. However, the main problem (or the only one) that he found in the also singer is that he is already a star.

“Harry is a really talented actor. I would work on something with him [pero] the real problem with Harry is that he is Harry Styles,” Luhrmann said. “He is already an icon.”

About the singer «As It Was» the director has nothing bad to say, except that his status as a big star was an impediment. Not so much for the actor, but so that the audience could forget his identity and completely forget that he was looking at the former One Direction on the screen.

Certainly Harry Styles really wanted to take on the challenge. To get into the skin of the former king of the song and get lost inside his enviable personality. Personality that has also marked a very great influence in training and musical career. As well as in that of many other artists.

“Harry and I got to a good place, genuinely I mean, he was desperate to get into the suit and explore,” the director continued. “He has a great spirit and I have nothing but good things to say about Harry Styles.”

In the end it was former Disney star Austin Butler who landed the role. On previous occasions, the director has commented that his mimicry with the personality of Elvis Presley was something impressive to see. Even the singer’s granddaughter and daughter cried for a moment when they saw the actor’s work reflected on the screen.

Butler himself commented that after finishing the last shot he did for the film, he immediately suffered a kind of physical collapse that took him to the hospital. The actor gave everything in an important scene to which he gave himself completely and the next day he was already bedridden.

“The next day I woke up at four in the morning in excruciating pain and was rushed to the hospital,” Butler said. “My body started shutting down the day after I finished Elvis.”

Baz Luhrmann recounted that upon seeing Butler’s audition, he thought perhaps the boy was “having a breakdown.” The above took place because Austin had a dream with his deceased mother just the day before. Reason that the emotion of him when interpreting “Unchained Melody” was otherwise intense and committed.

The film will tell the life and work of Elvis Presley. But above all the complex relationship he had with his manager Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), who is the true protagonist of the tape. Halfway between the central character, who carries the axis of the story, and that of a villain, the film will be full of classics from the King. As well as some contributions from contemporary artists. Elvis It will hit theaters on July 14.

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