Bat released during a function of The Batman in Texas


Looking for the most effective immersive experience? Well, IMAX and 4DX formats are not needed. It is enough for a spectator to feel more of a joker than Joker and decide to release a bat in full function of batman. And boy, will we feel within the universe of Gotham City. But do not believe that it is a hypothetical situation. Last Friday, a screening of the film at a Cinépolis complex in Austin, Texas, was attended by a winged guest, courtesy of a member of the public.

See below a video of the situation, shared by one of the attendees through Twitter. “I’m in the Batman movie and there are real bats in the theater,” he wrote at the top of the tweet.

Not even the first hour of batman when the Cinépolis team had to stop the projection and turn on the lights. The reason? The presence of a bat fluttering in the room. «[Alguien] He tried to make a joke, ”one of the spectators would later declare, via CBS Austin. But it was definitely not all fun for the cinema staff, who tried unsuccessfully to get the animal to leave the premises.

According to the same report, the unusual situation took place at the Moviehouse & Eatery theater, located in the northwest area of ​​Austin. Heidi Deno, manager of the complex, would state the following (via Guardian):

“The local animal control unit was contacted immediately, and they have been monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of guests, associates and animals. To make sure a prank like this doesn’t happen again, we’ve added extra security and are checking all bags upon guest entry.”

At the time of the incident, one of the tactics of the theater was to turn off all the lights in the room and only leave one exit lit, where the bat was expected to fly. A member of the team explained her plans to the audience as he remained seated in their seats. and as can be seen in another twitter videothe eloquence of the woman generated some laughs.

“We’ll use the projector to turn off that light [la pantalla de cine] And I’ll turn off all these lights [la iluminación de la sala] and i will try that [el animal] fly into this lighted area [una salida]”, Explain. «If you don’t feel comfortable being in the dark with a bat, please leave now.«.

However, it seems that the bat longed to see batman, because he stayed inside the room. Cinépolis finally offered refunds, canceling that function. But curiously, most of the attendees chose to stay to see the rest of the film, despite the permanence of the unexpected intruder. According Guardianthere were no reports of anyone being bitten or traumatized by the winged mammal.

batman, directed by Matt Reeves, is currently showing in Mexican theaters. Please refrain from introducing bats, cats or penguins during the performance.

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