BARDO, Iñárritu’s new film, announces the end of filming, official title and synopsis


After the long journey that resultedThe reborn-a film with which he won the Oscar as Best Director-Alejandro González IñárrituHe returned to the capital of our country to film, between stealth and discretion, his new film baptized as Limbo. Now we know that that title was tentative, since it is actually titled BARDO (or false chronicle of a few truths), which has finished filming. That’s why we tell you everything you need to know about the new production of the Mexican director.

What is it about?

BARD means the return of González Iñárritu to the capital of the country since he filmed Dog loves just over two decades ago. The argument that, until now, remained under absolute protection anticipates that the film, written by González Iñárritu and Nicolas Giacobone (Beautiful; Birdman; The reborn), «is a nostalgic comedy set on an epic journey. A chronicle of uncertainties where the protagonist, a renowned Mexican journalist and documentarian, returns to his country facing his identity, his family affections, the absurdity of his memories, as well as the past and new reality of his country«.

Bardo, the new film by Alejandro González Iñárritu
Photo: SeoJu Park


BARDfeatures the performances of Daniel Gimenez Cacho and Griselda Siciliani in the main roles. The appearances of Leonardo Alonso are also presumed (The vigilant), Andrés Almeida (Shared time) and the debut of Íker Sánchez Solano.

At the creative and production level, the cinematography was in charge of the Franco-Iranian photographer Darius khondji, who is known for his work onSe7en(nineteen ninety five),Alien: Resurrection(1997),Panic room(2002),Funny games(2007),Love(2012),Z, the lost city(2016) andOk(2017), among others. The production design was carried out by Eugenio Caballero (The Pan’s Labyrinth; Rome) and costume design by Anna Terrazas (The goodbyes; Rome).

The filming of BARDO in Mexico City

Previously, we documented that, since March 2021,Los Angeles Timeshad been the medium in charge of providing the first sightings of the footage ofBARDin the Historic Center of Mexico City. Images were even revealed of an attractive scene where Daniel Giménez Cacho walks around several vanished human bodies with the Latin American Tower adorning the landscape in the background.

In addition,Los Angeles Timesreported thatBARDIt is the first “large-scale” production in our country after the paralysis of activities that was suffered as a result of the pandemic.

During the month of May, media such asThe universalThey announced that González Iñárritu continued filming, but in the eastern part of Mexico City. There, Eugenio Caballero and all the production ofBARDbuilt an exact replica of theHigh Knight of Chapultepecand they also moved to Chapultepec Castle to film scenes whose objective is to reinterpret the battle of Chapultepec that took place on September 13, 1847 between the armies of the United States and Mexico. In fact, a photograph was released showing the flag of the stars and stripes waving in the main tower of the Castle of Chapultepec amid the fire inside said tower.

In addition to Mexico City,The universalwarns that the production also shoots scenes in Ahualulco, a municipality in the state of San Luis Potosí and in the state of Baja California.

The Film Stagereported that in 2020, Iñárritu, accompanied by his production team, had done some tests to search for locations in Mexican lands when they were seen in the Chapultepec Castle and in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Apparently the cast was dressed in costumes from the 90s, there were cuts of politicians Carlos Salinas de Gortari and José López Portillo, an extra dressed as Pájara Peggy and sets from the Mexican comedy seriesThe chavo of8.

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