Austin Butler (Elvis) would play Feyd-Rautha in the Dune sequel


Frank Herbert’s literary universe was brought back to the cinema in 2021, more than thirty-five years after David Lynch’s extravagant adaptation. The recent proposal came from Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, who opted to make not one, but two films in a row from the original book. Now, with the blessing of Warner Bros. Pictures, the sequel to dunes is on the way and new names for the cast are already beginning to sound, for example, that of the histrion austin butler.

Austin Butler biopic Elvis trailer
Austin Butler in Elvis (2022)

dead line reports that Austin Butler is in talks to join the cast of Dune: Part Two. The role offered is Feyd-Rautha, cruel nephew of Baron Vladimir (Stellan Skarsgård, in the 2021 film) and young heir to House Harkonnen. The media also reports that said antagonist will have a great weight in the upcoming continuation.

Feyd is one of three characters who will debut in the future sequel and who are a priority for casting. The other two are Emperor Shaddam IV and Princess Irulan, belonging to House Corrino, a lineage that in dunes dominates the entire known universe. This week, we also learned that Irulan’s role could fall into the hands of Florence Pughactress who has just established herself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the film Black Widow and the series hawk eye.

For his part, Austin Butler still has yet to stand out in Hollywood, through the next biopic about a musical legend. In the summer of 2022, it will hit theaters Elvis, the new film by Baz Luhrmann with a cast led by Tom Hanks and Butler; the latter, in the role of Elvis Presley.

Previously, the Californian actor has already worked with other renowned filmmakers, including Quentin Tarantino (once upon a time in hollywood) and Jim Jarmusch (The dead don’t die). Will Denis Villeneuve be the next director to launch Austin Butler’s career?

In the movie dunes In 1984, directed by David Lynch, Feyd-Rautha was played by the British singer Sting.

dunes, by director Denis Villeneuve, aspires to ten Oscar awards in the next edition of the great ceremony. Its sequel will begin shooting in the fall of the current year, anticipating October 20, 2023 as the release date. Back in the cast will be Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Stellan Skarsgård.

Elviswith Austin Butler in the title role, will be released on June 24, 2022.

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