Are all Star Wars movie titles wrong?

As if the franchise starwars needed more controversy, now even the titles of the tapes are being questioned. What is the real Phantom Menace? At what point did the last Jedi really come about? Here we tell you why the titles of the films of starwars they could be messy.

According to a user of TikTok, it would all make more sense if the names of all the movies were swapped. In chronological order, the first installment of the saga would be Star Wars – Episode 1: The Ghost menace. In it we meet Anakin Skywalker, and if we correctly analyze the other titles of the franchise, we can see that the most correct would be the rise of skywalkerbelonging to the last episode of the original story.

Years later, Palpatine, leader of the Sith, commands an army to destroy the Jedi. So episode II shouldn’t be called Attack of the clonesotherwise Revenge of the Sith. Order 66 arrives in the third episode, but also another event that indicates what that third installment should be called: Attack of the clones.

Episode IV should be called return of the jedi. The reason is very simple: in a dialogue in the movie, Obi-Wan mentions to Luke that it is time for the Jedi to return. In the next tape, episode V, Yoda teaches Luke how to wield the Force; so, the title of that story should be The awakening of Strength.

the sixth episode, return of the jedi, shows us the tragic death of Yoda and Darth Vader. Thus, Luke Skywalker becomes the last jedi, and that should be its correct title. The seventh installment of the saga, which in 2015 revived the franchise with great success, shows us the rise of a new empire that will seek freedom. What title fits you like a glove? The Empire Strikes Back.

The controversy among fans of the franchise reached very toxic levels with the arrival of episode VIII, the last jedi, in which, according to many fans, the spirit of the franchise was betrayed and the wrong decisions were made. One of these controversial decisions is Luke’s sacrifice, which gives the Resistance A new Hopea title that suits the story written by Rian Johnson much better.

The Rey vs. Kylo Ren matchup was one of the highlights in the rise of skywalker

Finally, the latest installment of the Skywalker saga, which to date holds the title of the worst-rated movie in the entire franchise, shows us the return of Palpatine, who then becomes the phantom menace. And in this way, the circle closes.

What do you think? Do you think the movie titles of starwars make real sense as they are? If you think this is just the thoughts of an idle fan, then you should know that Mark Hamill himself shared this theory when someone else suggested it a few years ago, and issued a comment that backs her up: “Now it all makes sense.”

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