Anthony Mackie Wants To Play Panthro In Thundercats Movie


At the moment, the interpreter of Sam Wilson in the MCU has a lot of work ahead of him, now that he inherited the name and shield of Captain America. But when it comes to popular franchises, it’s not just the superhero genre that draws his attention. just last week, Anthony Mackie took the microphone to ensure that one of his dream roles is that of Panthro in a possible movie live action of the Thundercats.

Originally, thundercats it was a television phenomenon of the eighties; an animated series from the United States about a group of aliens with the appearance of feline humanoids. They are technologically advanced beings, who must always face their archenemies, the Mutants, and the malevolent sorcerer Mumm-Ra. The show —broadcast between 1985 and 1989— was made up of four seasons and a total of 130 episodes.

That heroic group boasted the leadership of León-O, the Lord of the Thudercats and bearer of the Sword of Omens. Other memorable members were the scientist Wheat, the young twins Felina and Feline, the faithful Snarf, and the warriors Chitara and Panthro. The latter, a bluish character with panther features, is the one in whom Anthony Mackie He has his eyes on, in case a movie with real actors becomes official.

This was revealed by the famous actor when he appeared at the most recent edition of the Fan Expo New Orleans, an event for fans of science fiction, horror and anime. He also recalled the case of veteran Kelsey Grammer, who in the film saga X Men he played Beast—another “blue guy”—so he sees no problem following his lead.

“I existed before all the Pokemon anime craziness. I didn’t like comics or anything like that. So I was a big fan of thundercats«Anthony Mackie confessed before the public of the convention (via Movie Web). «My goal, when they make the movie thundercatsI just want to be the blue guy. What’s it called? Panthro! That’s what I want to be when I grow up. If Kelsey Grammer can be Beast, I want to be Panthro. We can both be blue.”

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A Thundercats movie isn’t an idea that hasn’t been floated before. In fact, Warner Bros. Pictures tried to push a CGI animated feature film over ten years ago. However, the project was eventually put on indefinite hold.

As recently as the spring of 2021, reports surfaced that the director adam wingard (Godzilla vs Kong) had made a script to make a film about León-O and company, in complicity with Warner. However, over the course of the subsequent months, there has been no update. For now, Wingard was emphatic that he sees his film as an animation faithful to the original show.

“It has a rich mythology. The characters are fantastic. The colors… I want to make a ThunderCats movie that takes you back to that ’80s aesthetic.” “I don’t want to reinvent her look. I want them to look like the ThunderCats. I also don’t want to do it in live action.

We saw Anthony Mackie for the last time in the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier from DisneyPlus. Later he will star in the fourth installment of the saga Captain America, a project that is currently in pre-production.

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