Another Superman cameo without Henry Cavill would happen in Black Adam

It’s been 87 years (well, maybe not that long) since Henry Cavill stopped appearing on screen as Superman. Although we have “seen” the character twice, but without the actor necessarily being present, fans are hoping to see Cavill again in the cape and boots. And it seems that you better take a seat, because the return of his Superman is not even close to happening yet, not even in Black Adam.

Nobody really understands why Warner and DC have made the decision to almost ban Henry Cavill from Superman. Despite repeated comments from the histrion, where he assures that he is more than willing to return to the character, the DCEU executives have decided to categorically ignore his statements.

In Shazam 2019, just before the denouement, the man of steel showed up at a high school to check that he is friends with Freddy Freeman. However, only his torso and hands appeared on screen. It was later confirmed that Henry Cavill was not present on set and the scene was filmed with a stunt double wearing the suit.

A few months ago, during the end of peacemaker, the Justice League appeared on screen. Their figures were seen only in shadows, including that of the Kryptonian. Once again, Cavill was not required to film said scene. The only two who were actually on screen were Jason Momoa and the now unspeakable Ezra Miller.

According to reports, which should be taken as rumours, a new faceless cameo of Superman will happen in the next Black Adam. For many it was almost obvious that the character in one way or another would have to be related to said film. Some even believe that the obvious path is a future confrontation between said characters.

However, everything seems to indicate that Warner is not yet ready to bring the actor back. The information came through a post on Twitter from a user who is involved in the industry. His predictions (or confirmations) almost always turn out to be correct. His tweet was later shared by KC Walsh. Another network character who has been shown to have inside knowledge. Reason why many cases take the information as truthful.

Of course none of the above will have bases, until we see the results on the screen. Black Adam is closer than ever and will hit theaters before the end of the year. In any case, all these connections between Superman, Shazam and Black Adam show that somehow DC is preparing a collision between these characters.

The above should keep the hopes of the fans high. Now that important changes in the human resources of their leadership have occurred within the Warner offices, they have assured that they intend to bring the DC universe back to glory.

DC has yet to figure out how it will deal with the Ezra Miller situation. Despite Flash it is canned and in post-production, the unfortunate episodes starring the actor; and the many controversial headlines about him that accuse him of many other things, call into question the future of the film. You can read an analysis of the future of the film here.

Black Adam It will arrive in Mexican theaters on October 20. Flash supposedly it would have to debut on June 23, 2023.

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