Another bug in Moon Knight: they find a member of the team in shot


It is the second week in a row that the production of Moon Knight makes the mistake of leaving a visible team member in the shot.

Last week (in chapter 3), fans found a visible cameraman. the moment happens during the scene where Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) hunts down some members of Arthur Harrow’s cult. When one of the aforementioned escapes through town, a cameraman is visible on the right side of the screen.

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this week’s mistake in Moon Knight (and hopefully this doesn’t become a recurring situation) it happens at minute 18 with 23 seconds. During the scene where Steven Grant investigates the grave with a flashlight, it is possible to see the leg of a member of the team on the right side of the screen.

This time, the scene is quite dark, however, if you turn up the brightness a bit, it is not difficult to see the leg of the person who was present on the set that day. This mistake may be easy to ignore, but knowing the fans, after two mistakes like this, everyone will be watching closely in future episodes.

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