Andrew Garfield wasn’t “handsome enough” to act in Narnia


Years before starring The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield could have been integrated into film adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia. But unfortunately, he was not the face that Disney wanted for one of the key characters in the series. Fifteen years ago, the Californian tried to take over the title role of Prince caspian, sequel to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And in an interview, he recalled how desperate he was to travel to that world of gnomes, minotaurs and talking animals.

“Andrew Garfield almost got booked as Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia, but they told him he was not handsome enough, “he writes ET in the following tweet. The attached video shows the actor recounting the entire anecdote.

I auditioned for Prince Caspian at The Chronicles of Narnia And I thought, ‘This could be it! This could be it! ‘”Says Garfield. “And that handsome, brilliant actor, Ben Barnes, ended up getting the part.”

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was a 2008 film where the heroic Pevensie brothers, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, are tasked with helping young Caspian in his fight to reclaim his rightfully rightful throne. And as the interviewee points out, the role ended up in the hands of Ben barnes, who at that time was perhaps a less well-known actor than Garfield, but more physically attractive, according to his recent statements.

«I was obsessed. I was thinking, ‘Why not, why not me, why not me?’«, Says a smiling Andrew Garfield to ET. “And I would say to my agent: ‘Just tell me, tell me clear, tell me clear.’ And she was kind of protecting me and doing all these things, but she finally collapsed under my incessant scolding. She said: ‘It was because they don’t think you’re handsome enough, Andrew.’«.

Despite that disappointment, over time the waters became more benevolent. In 2010, Garfield worked under David Fincher on Social network, and he earned BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, which certainly put him on the map. Two years later, he became the new Spider-Man – Tobey Maguire’s heir – in the film saga The Amazing Spider-Man, under the direction of Marc Webb. And now, thanks to the enthusiasm it generated Spider-Man: No Way Home, there is even talk of a novel solo tape of his version of Peter Parker. So you can’t really complain.

What’s more: Garfield has no resentment towards Barnes, admitting that he hit the nail on the head with his portrayal of Prince Caspian.

“Ben Barnes is a very handsome and talented man. So in hindsight I’m not unhappy with the decision. I think he did a beautiful job », added in the same interview.

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For 2022, Andrew Garfield boasts SAG Award and Critics Choice Award nominations for his starring role in the musical tape. tick, tick … BOOM!by Lin-Manuel Miranda. For his portrayal of Jonathan Larson, he has already triumphed in the last edition of the Golden Globes and is going strong for the next installment of the Oscar. Will he get his nomination at the great Hollywood ceremony?

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