Andrew Garfield Reacts to Skipping Spider-Man at the 2022 Oscars


The latest installment of Spider-Man is already the most successful movie of the past year. And of pandemic times in general. Despite the restrictions due to the health crisis, the most recent production of Marvel Studios has managed to raise $1,776 million dollars worldwide, which positions it in the Top 10 historical blockbuster films. However, popularity is still not a determining factor for the Hollywood Academy. This week, with the 2022 Oscar nominations announcement, we learned that Spider-Man: No Way Home failed to sneak into any of the main categories.

It is not new that an MCU title sustains an extremely ambitious campaign for the delivery of the Oscar, as happened with Spider-Man: No Way Home. It happened in 2020 on the occasion of Avengers: Endgameone year after Black Panther received seven nominations and won three gold statuettes. Those were two productions that were shaping up to break the curse of denying recognition for Best Movie to superhero movies. And of course, the high expectations were backed by the box office success and the affection of the public.

However, if we start from millions and the uncontrollable enthusiasm of the spectators, clearly the last spider-man it had enough attributes to seduce voters who wanted to prioritize the global impact of a film. Many will argue that it was the film that really revived theaters after two years of forced marches. But in addition, it became the ultimate pleasure for countless fans who seriously longed to witness the meeting of three versions of Spider-Man, the same ones that —at different times— have been played by Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

The latter, the star of the saga The amazing Spidermanrecently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the relevance of no way home, not measurable in awards. When faced with the question of what he thought about his nomination for Best Picture, Garfield answered the following:

“I can’t comment on that in particular. I really love the movie and I really love Amy [Pascal]Jon Watts and Kevin [Feige]. Obviously [también amo] to Tom [Holland]to Zendaya, to Jacob [Batalon]to Tobey [Maguire] and the whole cast. That movie has been kind of a giant of proportions that I don’t think any of us really expected.”

And I add:

I can only speak for myself and I feel grateful to be a part of something that is keeping theaters alive right now, keeping theaters full, helping in that regard, and ensuring that the live experience or community experience of going to the movies remains intact.. It’s very, very good to see the audience still deeply longing for what I know we all deeply long for. I believe that spider-man it’s obviously one of those movies right now and that’s great. And I’m very, very grateful to be a part of that.”

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At least, Spider-Man: No Way Home boasts an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. And for his part, Andrew Garfield himself will compete in the shortlist for Best Actor thanks to the musical tape tick, tick… BOOM! by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The next installment of the Oscar will take place on March 27, 2022. here to see the full list of nominees.

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