Andrew Garfield in tears links his mother’s death to art


Andrew Garfield couldn’t help but shed a few tears while discussing his mother’s death in an interview, and while explaining how art helped him heal the process and honor her at the same time. The actor has just premiered on the platform streaming most famous of all the musical Tik Tik… BOOM! Directed by Lin Manuel Miranda, in what means his first foray as a film director. There Garfield plays Jonathan Larson, a musician and creative who lost his life at 35 years of age.

Of course, the theme of death in the film is close to the actor, since he lost his mother during 2019 due to pancreatic cancer. However, the relationship that is established between the film and his mother is also significant because the event occurred almost at the beginning of the filming commanded by Miranda. Instead of abandoning the project, Garfield bravely took on the role and even fed on pain so he could pay tribute to Larson himself and his mother.

While talking about his participation in the musical in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he asked him about the recent grief he had experienced with his mother’s death and how art helps him cope with it. Before answering, Garfield paused and apologized if he cried in the process of answering the question. Then with tears in his eyes he answered:

«It is something simply beautiful, it is all love not expressed; you know, the duel that will stay with us until we leave because we didn’t have enough time with each other. It does not matter if someone reaches 60, 15, or 99, so I hope that this pain stays with me because it is all the love that I did not have the opportunity to express, and I told them every day, all of them. we said that every day. She was the best of all of us. I was able to get into this in a way so that I could honor the incredible life of Jonathan Larson. He left very soon, he died at the age of 35 on the night of the premiere of Rent on Broadway at the New York Theater Workshop, in a strange twist of fate. And this movie has to do with that, with that watch that we all have, that we all know, deep down, that life is sacred, that life is short, and that it is better to be here among us as much as possible, supporting each other. And I was able to sing Jonathan Larson’s unfinished song, at the same time that I was able to sing it for my mom and her unfinished song.

Garfield paused to retrieve a voice that had been broken while the audience in the Show gave him a few applause. Also in the audience were his father and brother, whom he pointed out and thanked for being there, while he had the opportunity to speak openly on the subject.

«And I feel indebted to Jon and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and to anyone who helped me get to this place where I can honor the most beautiful person I have ever experienced through my art and use it as a way to heal, use it as a way to stitch up wounds. It is what we do. We cook our wounds. And Jonathan and my mom, they were both artists and they knew about the power of art and they knew about the power to leave the world in a more beautiful state than it was when they found it.

Tik Tik… BOOM! is an adaptation of the homonymous musical created by Jonathan Larson himself. A kind of autobiographical work that later awarded him several prizes and recognitions posthumously. In the film, Andrew Garfield plays Larson just before his 30th birthday as he faces an existential and creative crisis that leads him to rethink his work as an artist.

Many are the voices that already acclaim the passionate performance of the actor in the film. A job that already catapults him as a frontrunner for the awards season. It is not unexpected to know the story behind his performance in the film and why it is so effective and moving for the viewer. Tik Tik .. BOOM! It can already be seen on the Netflix platform.

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