Andrew Garfield hated the social network after seeing it for the first time


Just over a decade after the premiere of The social network, the whole world still fondly remembers that famous scene from the movie in which Andrew Garfield confronts Jesse Eisenberg at the so-called home offices of Facebook. Not long ago it was learned that the scene required infinite shots, so there is no exact way to know how many laptops they were shattered in the process, but we do know that this is one of the best moments of Garfield’s career.

Despite the flowers that these lines or any others, as well as the opinions of many moviegoers, may say. for Andrew Garfield, his initial reaction after seeing The social network for the first time, it was a bit of contempt and shame. The actor recently confessed that both he and Jesse Eisenberg initially hated the movie because they were too barely in favor of how their performances had detracted from David Fincher’s work.

“I am rarely satisfied with how things turn out for me. I suffer from that kind of divine and strange dissatisfaction that the vast majority of creative people have, “Garfield began to explain to the magazine. Total Film, regarding his upcoming projects for this year (no, we are not talking about Spider-Man: no homecoming).

I remember seeing The social network for the first time. Jesse and I were like, ‘Oh, I hate this shit. I hate her, ‘”said the actor. “And everyone around us said ‘What the hell is wrong with you, it’s incredible.’ But we were saying ‘No, we screwed it up. They would have hired someone else. ‘ There is something healthy in all that, which is growth. But sometimes it also becomes a whim.

Garfield is the kind of actor who prefers not to see his movies unless necessary. Regarding a work of his as mediatic and of great impact as it was to play the arachnid in the hands of Marc Webb, the actor above all celebrated the position he gave him and made it easier for him to get the attention of altruistic work and projects of this nature.

On The social networkAndrew Garfield played the role of Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook and the former best friend of Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg). The film is based on a novel by Ben Mezrich that dramatizes all the events related to the creation of the famous social network and the subsequent legal conflicts that plagued Zuckerberg over the intellectual property of the project.

Although many insist -especially those involved- that things did not happen that such a novel and film tell it, broadly speaking, the story goes the same way. Saverin is ultimately recognized as one of the creators of Facebook and has in effect withdrawn his word and relationship from Zuckerberg’s favor.

For his part, Garfield boasts a hectic year. Star in the musical drama Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!the first film directed by Lin Manuel Miranda. He also closely accompanies -the already very applauded in said film- Jessica Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye,the new film by David O. Russell, a director who is adept at placing his actors in the sights of awards. Will this be Andrew Garfield’s year?

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