Ana de Armas will have her own John Wick spin-off


The cinematic universe of John wick It continues to expand like the Big Bang and as it follows its path it acquires new faces such as that of the actress Ana de Armas. Those who have seen the saga of the murderer played by Keanu Reeves, will know the character of Ballerina, a girl who appears briefly in the third chapter of the franchise and who is in the middle of training to also become a deadly assassin.

Nobody doubted the histrionic qualities of Ana de Armas, but after seeing No Time to Die, the most recent installment of the James Bond saga, it was clear to all of us that we needed to see more of the actress in an action narrative. In the 007 film, the actress briefly supports the spy during a mission in Cuba and the dynamic between the two is one of the best in the film. When the actress finished her appearance after just fifteen minutes of glory, many felt that something good had been interrupted.

Fortunately the producers of John wick They took notice and have called Ana de Armas’s home to offer her the leading role in her own action movie. Ballerina will be a separate story from the Wick, but belonging to the same universe. It will tell the story of a novel murderer who seeks revenge against all those who murdered and harmed her family.

Of course the family of John wick is present in the project. Although Chad Stahelski, the director of the series, this time will not repeat his usual role, he will function as producer of the film along with Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee, who produce on behalf of Lionsgate.

In his place it will be Len Wiseman, who brought us the Underworld saga, who will take the reins of the direction. It will work from a script written by Shay Hatten, known for his contribution to John Wick: Parallellum and for having designed the Army of the Dead libretto for Zack Snyder.

According Deadline the film for now is defined with a budget that goes between 50 and 80 million dollars and even the brief appearance of Keanu Reeves and Anjelica Huston is suggested as forced cameos. Of course none of this has official confirmation, but it would be easy to assume that some characters in the saga John wick they would jump briefly in the adventures of Ana de Armas to finish positioning what we will baptize here as the Wick-verse.

Ana de Armas rose to fame especially with Between knives and secrets, the Rian Johnston film that even achieved an Oscar nomination for original screenplay. Coincidentally there he shared credits with Daniel Craig, someone with whom he crossed paths again in the aforementioned 007 film. De Armas will repeat a similar story with Keanu Reeves, if he decides to appear in Ballerina. And it is that both worked together in Knock knock, in one of the actress’s first appearances in Hollywood.

Ballerina It doesn’t have an official release date yet, but we don’t think it will take long. The movies of John wick they generally reach us on time and promptly.

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